liturgy guy Life, Liturgy and the Pursuit of Holiness-site d’un converti au catholicisme

liturgy guy Life, Liturgy and the Pursuit of Holiness-site d’un converti au catholicisme



My name is Brian Williams. I was raised largely agnostic with occasional exposure to non-denominational Christian communities. In 1992 I began attending a Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (or as we called it, Catholic Lite…smells & bells with 5 fewer Sacraments!) and was baptized soon after. I married my beautiful wife (a cradle Catholic) in 1999 and shortly thereafter began attending Catholic Church. Following a cross country move and the birth of several children, I “swam the Tiber” and converted to Catholicism in 2006.

My wife and I are blessed to have 5 beautiful children and to live in a vibrant diocese with many holy and traditional priests and lay faithful. In addition, my family has been further blessed to attend a parish that offers the Holy Mass in both the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms of the Roman Rite.

Since my conversion I have continued to grow in my love for our Catholic faith. Possibly due to my Bachelors degree in History, I have always been interested in the two thousand year history and organic development of Christianity and the Catholic Church. Since entering the Church I have also grown in my appreciation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the “how” and “why” of our liturgical worship.

While by no means a theologian or liturgist, I have sought to increase my knowledge of the liturgy through the writings of past Councils, popes, esteemed clergy and learned faithful. I have also witnessed and personally experienced the efficacious and profound influence that beautiful and reverent liturgy has upon our own faith and prayer life. Further, I have seen how our ability to properly worship our Lord in the Holy Mass assists us in authentically living our Catholic faith with complete trust, docility and fidelity to the teaching and truth of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I call myself the Liturgy Guy because I never grow tired of reading, writing or speaking to people about the liturgy of the Catholic Church. It is my hope that you are both informed and entertained by “Life, Liturgy and the Pursuit of Holiness.”

Recently I have also had the great privilege of joining the talented group of writers over at OnePeterFive (1P5), a Catholic website founded and published by Steve Skojec.

Feel free to contact me at  I would love to hear from you!




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  2. meant to be Catholic! His name was Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, and I have been following “Fr. Z’s Blog” since I heard of its existence!

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