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Have you considered submitting your research to Journal of Mathematical Psychology?

Journal of Mathematical Psychology publishes articles in all areas of mathematical psychology. It seeks to promote the use and application of mathematics to understand cognition, brain, and behavior and the foundations of psychological measurement. You will find articles that develop and test theories and models of a wide range of psychological processes and phenomena. These include learning, memory, categorization, the representation of knowledge, sensation and perception, judgment, choice, and decision making, and individual differences.

Journal of Mathematical Psychology has recently published a range of Special Issues, focusing on the key topics in the field.

Latest Special Issues published in the journal:

Model-based Cognitive Neuroscience
Thomas J. Palmeri | Brandon M. Turner | Bradley C. Love

Special Issue in Honor of R. Duncan Luce
A.A.J. Marley | Clintin P. Davis-Stober | Ragnar Steingrimsson

Foundations of Probability Theory in Psychology and Beyond
Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov | Janne V. Kujala | Reinhard Suck

Bayes Factors for Testing Hypotheses in Psychological Research: Practical Relevance and New Developments
Joris Mulder | Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

Like what you see?

Read the whole collection of Special issues published in Journal of Mathematical Psychology here.

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