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9 New Maps To Take You Into The Weekend



9 New Maps To Take You Into The Weekend

Welcome back to another Brilliant Maps newsletter,

We're trying out a slightly different format this week, hope you like it.

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Latest maps:

1. US States Overlaid On Areas of Europe With Equal Population
Click Here: http://moverdb.com/us-states-europe-population/

2. How To Irritate Europeans In Just One Sentence
Click Here: http://brilliantmaps.com/how-to-irrtate-europeans/

3. Most Popular Credit Card By Country: Visa, Mastercard Or Amex
Click Here: http://merchantmachine.co.uk/visa-mastercard-amex/

4. Mini Metros – 220 Shrunken & Simplified Transit System Maps 
Click here: http://brillianttrains.com/mini-metros/

5. Percentage of Europeans Who Are Willing To Fight A War For Their Country
Click Here: http://brilliantmaps.com/europe-fight-war/

6. European Languages According To The Dutch
Click Here: http://brilliantmaps.com/european-languages-dutch/

7. Areas of Europe Compared To US States With Equal GDP & Corresponding Cities
Click Here: http://moverdb.com/europe-gdp-us-states/

8. Rivers Basins of Europe Map
Click Here: http://waterrates.co.uk/rivers-basins-of-europe/

9. European Countries With a Smaller Economy Than Luxembourg
Click Here: http://merchantmachine.co.uk/economy-luxembourg/

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