Her boyfriend got hooked. This is her story. Dawn Hawkins, NCOSE-du gentil « boyfriend » au pornoctate-et varua:sentimentalisme dégoulinant puis obscénité

Her boyfriend got hooked. This is her story.

Dawn Hawkins, NCOSE

You Can Educate Others about
sex trafficking and pornography
Hi Brandenburg,

I want to empower you to take a stand against all forms of sexual exploitation—from sex trafficking to pornography and more.

So today I have two different action opportunities for you: first, you can share your testimony to encourage others who have experienced sexual exploitation in any form, and second, you can help fight sex trafficking at the Super Bowl from anywhere in the world.
Below is a personal testimony from a woman who submitted her story to be shared with others. While no one person’s testimony can speak to the full spectrum of perspectives and problems caused by pornography, we think it’s important to share individual stories to show the many ways pornography harms individual lives.
I Lost My Best Friend, My First Love, Because of Porn

We met and immediately hit it off. We talked, supported, encouraged one another . . . I had absolutely no idea what it was he was hiding.

A week later I get a letter while I was out of town and had no access to a phone telling me he loved me and that he was addicted to pornography. . .

He had been working on a program to fight his addiction to pornography, but it wasn’t long before he stopped doing the program. He is back to not sleeping, [he is] depressed. He’s angry and mean. He is a completely different person. . .

All because of his addiction to porn that began at the age of 12. It breaks my heart.

Porn steals peace, joy, love and happiness.

ACTION ALERT: If you, or a loved one, have been impacted by pornography, or another form of sexual exploitation, you can share your story anonymously here.
Why is Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl a Problem?

Because some of the men who travel to Houston this weekend will buy sex. It’s as simple as that. We often like to think that sex trafficking is perpetuated by the traffickers, but the reality is that it’s the demand—the sex buyer—that keeps the market going. Men who buy sex can be easily lost in a crowd. They can be judges, business owners, neighbors, colleagues, or sports enthusiasts.

That is why the #TackleDemand awareness campaign is so vital, because you never know whose actions might be changed by hearing the message that buying sex is inherently harmful and intrinsically linked to sex trafficking.

ACTION ALERT: Pledge a one-time social media post for the night of the Super Bowl. This tool will post the one time message that « real sports fans don’t buy sex » in order to spread our message far and wide.

So far our message will reach at least 740,258 people using the hashtag #TackleDemand. Please pledge your post to help us educate even more!

Dawn Hawkins
Senior VP & Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Director, Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation
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Endsexualexploitation.org | 1-202-393-7245 | public@ncose.com
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