Uccanews-January 14, 2017:Philippine churches want ‘people’ peace proces s-et varia

January 14, 2017

Philippine churches want ‘people’ peace process
Philippines: Talks between govt, communist ‘need local community involvement to better understanding of issues’

Toxic smog greets Chinese people in New Year
China: The government has set a priority to enforcing compliance of environmental laws and holding officials accountable

Widodo lauded for recognizing indigenous people’s rights
Indonesia: President grants land entitlements to nine tribal groups across Indonesia

Concern mounts for two missing Baptists in Shan State
Myanmar: Church officials remain unaccounted for after arranging to meet Myanmar military officials

Indian priest jailed on rape charges released
India: During the trial witnesses refuted the prosecutor’s case and the evidence soon fell apart

Call for foreign judges to hear war crimes in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: If only Sri Lankan judges were present, local authorities could still manipulate reports, says bishop

Balochistan under attack amid China investment
Pakistan: Many believe upsurge of violence in Pakistan’s largest province is linked to mega infrastructure project

Filipino Jesuit finds home in Cambodian mission
Cambodia: Father Totet Banaybal’s goal is not to change local culture but show people the ‘goodness of the church’

People hungry for justice need church’s presence felt
Philippines: Religious institutions, leaders in Philippines failed to stick up for poor on major social issues this last year

Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr. Bill Grimm
Spirituality is not so much a matter of prayer as of awareness, about sensitivity in ordinary time to the ordinary events and people around me. Christ is there among them as he was among the events and people of Israel two thousand years ago.

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