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January 7, 2017

Pakistani Muslims protect Christians over blasphemy charge
Pakistan: Committee stops a public attempt to call for the burning of Christian houses

Missionary’s anti-drug campaign bears fruit in Hong Kong
Hong Kong: Before, around 30 Tanzanian drug traffickers were apprehended at the airport each year but in 2016 there were only three

Rohingya flock to Bangladesh to escape violence
Bangladesh: Stories of atrocities perpetrated by Myanmar security forces are common, including arbitrary arrests, killings and rape

Slain governor’s son in trouble for Christmas message
Pakistan: Shaan Taseer receives death threats from Pakistan hardliners for criticizing blasphemy law

Manila braces for Black Nazarene ‘invasion’
Philippines: Up to 18 million devotees expected to attend this year’s celebrations

Church offers support for Kerala’s transgender people
India: Priests, nuns act to combat discrimination, exploitation of the community

Defining the mission of Pontianak Archdiocese
Indonesia: Archbishop Agustinus Agusis looking to give local church clear guidance and purpose

Top Indonesian Muslim council bah humbugs festive season
Indonesia: Widespread criticism meets edict banning wearing of Christmas-themed clothing

Victory for Indian women?
India: Looking at challenges Hindu, Muslim and Christian women face in India

What will 2017 hold for Pakistani Catholics?
Pakistan: Fingers are crossed that pope will visit, country gets a new cardinal

Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr. Bill Grimm
On Epiphany, we thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ, a gift given to all of us throughout the world, throughout time. Like the wise astrologers, we respond by bringing our gifts to the Lord: our ways of praying, our ways of singing, our ways of thinking, our ways of acting.

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Manila braces for Black Nazarene ‘invasion’
Church offers support for Kerala’s transgender people
New Year calls for courage, hope, pope says
Chinese Catholics upset, fast over eucharist desecration
Victory for Indian women?
Tomorrows church today Living with Christ
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