from – our top stories from the last seven days 2016-12-24




from – our top stories from the last seven days 2016-12-24



December 24, 2016
India: Church-supported group has organized Christmas events in different jails across India
Vietnam: Nguyen Van Dai is one of many rights and democracy activists imprisoned by communist authorities
Indonesia: Many fear Muslim hardliners are using Jakarta governor blasphemy case to take power
Indonesia: ‘Rabo-rabo’ festival transcends time and religious boundaries
Philippines: Cardinal says illegal drugs destroy life, warns against Philippine president’s narcotics war
Bangladesh: The indigenous community had their settlement destroyed by hired thugs and police, video footage shows
Philippines: Former chef’s malnutrition project uncovers child’s disability, provides access to much-needed treatment
Bangladesh: Festivities are on hold for over 2,000 forced from their homes
Philippines: Fears are growing that Duterte’s drugs purge is also being used to eliminate activists, community leaders
Philippines: Progress presents some serious threats to the true meaning of the festive season
Pakistan: Sadly some of the most horrific terrorist acts in the country have taken place during the festive season
Nepal: December 25 is no longer a public holiday in the Himalayan nation
Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr. Bill Grimm
Today we remember and celebrate the fact that we can know God’s glory and power not as some sort of information, but as a person. So, on Christmas Day we move from the story to the program, from what happened long ago to our vocation today.
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