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from ucanews.com – our top stories from the last seven days 2016-12-1



December 17, 2016
Vietnam: Nguyen Cong Chinh is being victimized for leading religious prisoners in rights protest, wife says
Hong Kong: Chief Executive CY Leung won’t seek another term, some leading contenders for the top job are Catholic
Pakistan: Several organizations have spoken out against ‘deteriorating’ human rights situation in the country
Taiwan: Taiwan church can also serve as a link between underground and patriotic churches in China, says Father Jeroom Heyndrickx
India: St. John De Britto Church in Quilon Diocese is no longer celebrating with fireworks or using plastic bags
Philippines: Philippine beauty queen contributes items for youth education campaign
Malaysia: Catholics in Sarawak are seeing their numbers dwindle in the face of the dominant Malay culture
Laos: Pathet Lao communists killed 17 priests, catechists and laypeople between 1954 -1970
Malaysia: Citizens feel the brunt of a government living in fear of dismissal
Nepal: A comprehensive peace accord signed in 2006 ended Nepal’s civil war but reconciliation and justice remains elusive
Philippines: Ability of Filipinos to make a stand on rights is being killed by vigilanties and social stigma
India: Sacred unions are lost in the hunt for the most ostentatious wedding
Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr. Bill Grimm
The one whose birth we are about to celebrate has many titles, but one name, the name he shared with so many other people in his land. It is wondrous because it is so common. The mystery that we celebrate in his birth is that the God of the universe is met in someone like us, someone with a simple name, an ordinary Tom, Dick or Yeshua.
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