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St. Nicholas: a bishop who went to jail for the truth
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Tue Dec 6, 2016 – 4:22 pm EST
Pope answered four Cardinals in Argentina letter approving Communion for ‘remarried’: confidante

By Claire Chretien

Tue Dec 6, 2016 – 4:22 pm EST
St. Nicholas: a bishop who went to jail for the truth

By Pete Baklinski

Tue Dec 6, 2016 – 4:22 pm EST
Openly gay theologian defends four Cardinals: ‘I want a Church that speaks plainly’

By Jan Bentz

Tue Dec 6, 2016 – 4:22 pm EST
Bishop Schneider likens treatment of four Cardinals to Soviet regime: ‘We live in a climate of threats’

By Jan Bentz
Editor’s Picks
LGBT group asks Christian bakers for cake saying ‘Support Gay Marriage’. You know what happened next.

By John Stonestreet

Court orders French town to take down statue of Virgin Mary

By Claire Chretien
WATCH: Dubia debacle shows the Church is in a ‘religious civil war’, says famed Catholic historian

By Pete Baklinski

Magisterium ‘debased’ by pope’s ‘refusal to answer’ four Cardinals: famed German philosopher

By Jan Bentz

Top News
Liam Neeson quits boxing club after pressure over his abortion advocacy

Liam Neeson is no longer president of the All Saints Amateur Boxing Club. Locals were disgusted with his abortion advocacy.

By Claire Chretien
WATCH: Man runs 30 marathons handcuffed, bikes 3,800 miles in chains to fight porn addiction

Garrett Jonsson raised awareness about the harmful effects of pornography in a powerful, unconventional way.

By Claire Chretien
New York mayor promises city will pay for abortions if Planned Parenthood loses federal funding

Bill de Blasio’s offer for the city to fund abortions raised the question: Why is federal money needed then?

By Fr. Mark Hodges
Satanic Temple vows to defy new Texas law on respectful handling of aborted babies

The rules are intended for healthcare workers, but the Satanists argue that the regulations ‘contradict our fundamental beliefs.’

By Fr. Mark Hodges
San Diego bishop praises pro-gay parish as model for welcoming ‘LGBT worshippers’

Bishop McElroy praised a parish that advertises Masses with the LGBT rainbow flag, and has a young adult ministry led by an openly gay man.

By Claire Chretien
The Pulse
This 86-year-old man spends his days knitting hats for preemies

Moseley knitted 55 of the hats by himself and rallied staff and his fellow residents to bring the grand total to more than 300 baby hats for preemies in the NICU.

By Lauren Enriquez
A divided Catholic Church in Canada confronts assisted suicide

Canadian bishops are not in agreement on how to handle the sacraments with Catholics involved in euthanasia.

By Fr. Dominique Boulet
St. Nicholas: a bishop who went to jail for the truth

The ‘jolly’ saint should be an inspiration to all of us who find ourselves surrounded by the Diocletians and Ariuses of today.

By Pete Baklinski | 104 Bond St, third floor | Toronto, Ontario M5B1X9 | Canada

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