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Puppet Masters

‘Who needs nukes?’: Iran considers naval bases in Syria, Yemen, fleets in Russia, China, Italy, Kazakhstan

2016-11-26 21:09:00


Iran is considering having naval bases on the coasts of Yemen and Syria, the Iranian chief of the general staff told a gathering of senior navy commanders, adding that the measure would have a great deterrent effect.

« One day, we may need bases on the coasts of Yemen and Syria, and we need the necessary infrastructures for it under the international maritime law, » Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said, as cited by the Iranian Tasnim news agency.

The deterrent effect of having naval bases in foreign countries « could be ten times more efficient than nuclear power, » the head of the general staff said, stressing that Iran’s military strategy should focus on preventing potential enemies from accessing Iranian territories, and forcing potential enemy warships to stay away from the Iranian coast.

He went on to say that Iran needs a fleet in the Indian Ocean that would be equal to the one stationed in the Gulf of Oman, and urged the Navy to enhance its intelligence activities by working on satellite and cyber-space technologies, as well as by developing naval drones.

Comment: If there’s one thing Trump and his team have in common, it’s a fairly fervent Iranophobia. Never mind that the reason Iran is an enemy in the first place is because of the CIA-backed coup in 1953 and the horrors of the Western puppet Shah. Iran is a major power, allied with Russia. Whether the U.S. can accept that or not remains to be seen. But they may not have a choice. Ideally, all that anti-Iran rhetoric will stay on the level of rhetoric.


Iraqi Parliament adopts law to legalize Shia militias

2016-11-26 20:41:00


Iraq’s parliament approved a law on November 26 that would transform the Popular Mobilization forces, a coalition of Shi’ite militias that play a role in fighting Islamic State, into a legal and separate military corps.

There have been disagreements over the paramilitary forces as Iraq battles the Islamic State (IS) group, which swept across northern and western Iraq in 2014.

The bill, supported by the Shi’ite blocs in parliament, was boycotted by lawmakers from the Sunni minority who object to the existence of armed forces outside the army and police.

Iraq’s Sunni Arabs and rights groups have accused the Shi’ite militiamen of extrajudicial killings, abuse, theft, and the destruction of property in the places where they have expelled IS.

Comment: More on the Iraqi PMU in the wider context of the myth of sectarianism:



Is Japan next to deploy US THAAD anti-ballistic missile system?

2016-11-26 20:38:00


Japan is seeking to increase its defense capabilities against a potential North Korean ballistic missile threat. It has set up a commission that will examine the potential benefits of placing Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) systems on its territory.

« Although there is no specific plan to introduce the THAAD, the introduction of the new equipment will lead to strengthening Japan’s ability » in terms of tackling North Korean threats, Japan’s Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said this week.

« We are investigating future systems for intercepting missiles, » Inada told reporters in Tokyo. While no concrete plans are yet in place to deploy THAAD, military officials are looking at the option of beefing up defense capabilities and are « considering what can be done. »

The Ministry of Defense has set up a study committee, headed by State Minister of Defense Kenji Wakamiya to examine the pros and cons of US state-of-the-art interceptor system, Reuters Japan reported. The committee is expected to summarize the results of the probe by summer next year.



Russian MOD: Lack of UN initiative sabotaged Aleppo humanitarian pauses

2016-11-26 20:34:00


Russia has repeatedly introduced so-called humanitarian pauses in Syria’s Aleppo, but every time they were sabotaged by lack of initiative from the United Nations representatives and actions of terrorists, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

« Russia has repeatedly introduced humanitarian pauses in Aleppo for varying lengths of time. However, every time they were sabotaged for two reasons: the reluctance of United Nations representatives to deliver humanitarian aid, and the alleged unawareness of terrorists regarding agreements on evacuation of civilians from Aleppo, » Konashenkov stated on Saturday.

The spokesman also said that during the last humanitarian pause two Russian servicemen have been injured after getting under terrorists’ fire. « During the last humanitarian pause, two officers of the Russian Center for reconciliation were injured by shrapnel from a mortar attack by militants from eastern Aleppo while waiting for humanitarian column to enter the city, » he added.



Obama administration to create new task force to hunt terrorists across the globe – report

2016-11-26 16:26:00


The outgoing administration is reportedly seeking to create a new special operations task force that would use the elite Joint Special Operations Command’s experience to carry out clandestine activities all across the globe as an independent entity.

The proposal includes transformation of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) from being a strike tool employed by US Army’s regional commands into a key part of a new multi-agency intelligence force, Washington Post reported.

Referred to as the ‘Counter-External Operations Task Force,’ or Ex-Ops, the new organization would act globally with the stated goal of targeting terrorists beyond conventional conflict zones like Syria or Libya, according to Obama administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Ex-Ops task force could also share intelligence as well as deliver recommendations and advice to Western militaries and security forces, or even conduct joint operations, the report said.

It will report to the Pentagon through the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), according to the military officials, creating a « hybrid command system » that can bypass the Army’s regional commands to speed up preparations for covert operations.



Faltering US Empire still seeks more influence across Asia

Ulson Gunnar
New Eastern Outlook
2016-11-26 19:15:00


While the US could accurately be described as a global power in decline, the ambitions of prominent special interests at the center of its economic and political power still pose a potent threat to global stability and national sovereignty worldwide. In Asia particularly, despite a clear shift in a regional balance of power that has persisted for nearly a century, the US is still actively involved in attempting to dictate which governments come to power in respective nation-states and how they rule and all in an attempt to create a balance of power in Asia that serves US interests.

From Myanmar to Vietnam, US Ambitions Still a Clear and Present Danger

US ambition to transform Asia manifests itself in a number of ways. In Malaysia, it has been fueling for years the so-called Bersih movement and its campaign for « clean and fair elections. » While the movement attempted to appear spontaneous and independent of any political party, it was quickly revealed that its core leadership was funded by the US State Department via the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Open Society. It was also revealed that Bersih was in fact an auxiliary front of a political coalition headed by US-backed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who quite literally led the protests in the streets himself.

Extensive US support has been provided to the now ruling government of Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar, including the creation of Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy’s (NLD) entire media capabilities. Pro-NLD media platforms created and funded annually by the US government include the New Era Journal, the Irrawaddy, and the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB). It was also revealed that Suu Kyi’s Minister of Information, Pe Myint, was quite literally trained in Bangkok by the US government-funded Indochina Media Memorial Foundation, which now co-occupies the Western media’s Foreign Correspondents Club (FCCT) office in Bangkok.

Comment: Despite the US’ vigorous attempts to hold on to power in Asia, they are trying to fight nature. As a totally foreign culture miles away, the US can only maintain control of Asia by expending enormous energy, using forceful and devious methods described above. China on the other hand only has to keep steadily progressing, and the region will naturally end up under Chinese influence. And on that point, Chinese hegemony probably would serve Asia’s interests much better than a US hegemony. China builds bridges while the US drops bombs.


We could allow Russia to use Hamadan base if necessary for Syrian operation – Iranian Defense Minister

2016-11-26 20:28:00


Iranian authorities could allow Russia to use the Hamadan air base in western Iran for Moscow’s aerial operation against terrorist in Syria if the situation in the crisis-torn Middle Eastern nation demanded it, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said Saturday.

« If the situation and conditions [in Syria] demand to provide the support, we will do this job, » Dehghan said, as quoted by the Tasnim news agency.

Comment: See also:

Russia May Use Iran’s Hamadan Base if Admiral Kuznetsov Moves Away From Syria

Russia could use Iran’s Hamadan airbase in case the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier used for anti-terror strikes in Syria moves away from the Syrian borders for a new mission, the Russian upper house of parliament’s defense committee chair said Saturday.

Earlier in the day, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said that Tehran could allow Russia to use Hamadan for Moscow’s aerial operation against terrorists in Syria.

« The necessity to use the airfield of the airbase in Hamadan could emerge if Admiral Kuznetsov carries out another operation and [Russia] will not be able to use it for airstrikes against terrorists in Syria, » Viktor Ozerov told RIA Novosti.



They just won’t quit: Ukraine government forces go on offensive again, get beaten back

J. Arnoldski
Fort Russ
2016-11-26 19:11:00


Active hostilities broke out this morning near the residential area of Sakhanka. This has been reported by a representative of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s operational command from the scene of events.

The Ukrainian armed forces and volunteer battalions, including no less than three platoons and supported by artillery, attempted to go on the offensive from the direction of Dzerzhinskoye (called Azov in Ukraine).

The attack was repulsed by the armed forces of the DPR and the enemy lost no less than 5 soldiers and 8 wounded. A UAF APC was also hit.

Fighting also erupted near Shirokino, where the Ukrainian side attempted to attack the DPR’s positions on the southern front. The operational command of the DPR reported: « At 10:00 on November 26th, the enemy, with forces of up to three platoons of personnel and supported by armored vehicles under the cover of 82mm and 122mm mortar fire from Shirokino, attempted to attack our positions near the village of Vodyanoe. Over the course of the firefight, the enemy was stopped and driven back to their original positions. »



France’s Francois Fillon, as president will fight Islamism with Russia

2016-11-26 01:05:00


France should restore its ties with Russia in order to cooperate in the fight against Islamists, Francois Fillon, the winner of the first round of The Republicans party primaries, said on Thursday.

The presidential hopeful made a series of statements at the final rally in Paris two days before the second round of primaries. « If we do not create conditions for effective international coalition, if we refuse to ally with Russia, Islamic totalitarianism will continue to wreak the havoc, » he said at a rally at Porte de Versailles.

Fillon also urged Qatar and Saudi Arabia on Friday to expel from France the Salafist preachers — Sunni fundamentalists, who believe in a unified Islamic state and Sharia law. « We must be free to say to Qatar and Saudi Arabia they must expel the Salafist preachers from the country, » he added. He also said that in case of victory in the presidential elections he would pursue national interests of France and « no unions would be able to influence it. »

Late on Thursday, republican candidates Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe held final debates before the second round of primaries. Fillon attacked the policy of French President Francois Hollande with regard to Russia and called to restore cooperation with Moscow.

Comment: It is hard to know if politicians running for office are personally invested in what they propose or if it is just that trendy thing that will get them elected. In qualifying a popular position with a possibly untenable one, they say the ‘right’ things knowing the likelihood of it happening will be limited. Trump is the trend. Expelling Salafist preachers/Sunni fundamentalists is the lesser possibility.


Umm al-Hiran: Israel illegally evicts Bedouin residents

2016-11-24 13:08:00


Israel’s eviction of Negev Bedouins from the village of Umm al-Hiran in the West Bank amounts to illegal discrimination, a prominent international human rights watchdog said Thursday.

Earlier in November, Israeli authorities approved plans to demolish a part of the village and displace 20 people to make way for an Israeli settlement following a 13-year legal dispute between the Bedouin community and the state. Demolition was later postponed, while the court order is valid until the end of the month.

« The forcible eviction of Bedouin residents to make way for a new Jewish town would be a blatant and ugly episode of discrimination mirroring Israel’s unlawful settlements… Long after most of the rest of the world has such rejected racist policies, the Israeli government keeps building and razing communities on the basis of religion and ethnicity, » Human Rights Watch (HRW) Middle East Director Sarah Leah Whitson was quoted as saying in a HRW statement.

HRW stressed that Israel was bound by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) to ensure adequate consultations, provide appropriate compensation and demonstrate a clear public interest of evictions before approving such moves.

The village was settled by the current Bedouin community in 1956 after being evicted by Israeli forces from their land over 10 years before then. The village is considered illegal by Israeli authorities as no legal title was given during the settlement. Planning authorities are set on building a new Jewish town of Hiran on the site. Residents were offered plots of land in a nearby town as compensation.



Tributes to Fidel Castro from around the world

2016-11-26 10:47:00


World leaders pay tribute to the longtime Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, describing the comandante as an iconic figure of his time who fiercely resisted colonialism, the US blockade, and the country’s hardships.

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his condolences to the Cuban government and people on Saturday. The Kremlin statement said Castro’s name « is a symbol of an entire era in modern history. » « The free and independent Cuba built by him and his associates has become an influential member of the international community, and an inspiring example for many countries and peoples, » the statement said. It also underlined Castro’s personal determination to develop lasting relationships between Moscow and Havana. « This man of strength and wisdom always looked straight into the future, » it stressed. « He represented the highest ideals of a politician, citizen, and patriot who firmly believed in his cause. »

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader who met Castro in person, told Interfax on Saturday he is « truly saddened that Fidel’s time is now over, » adding that « he will remain in our memories as an outstanding politician, a great personality, and a friend. » He added that throughout the Castro era, Cuba became a developed country which « makes a gigantic contribution to world affairs and strengthening cooperation across the globe. » Gorbachev refused to elaborate on the period of strained relations between the USSR and Cuba, saying instead that Fidel was largely upset with the failures of perestroika.

Comment: Incumbent Cuban President Raul Castro announced the death of his brother, Fidel Castro, who died on Friday at age 90. A funeral ceremony will take place in the Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba on December 4th.

See also:



Russia on guard while receiving Trump’s charm offensive

M K Bhadrakumar
Indian Punchline
2016-11-26 19:25:00


By a curious twist of irony, it is now Russian President Vladimir Putin’s turn to adopt what late Ronald Reagan once counselled in Soviet-American relations – Trust but verify. Putin might make a slight alteration, though – Trust but warily. Reagan spoke the famous words after deciding he could do business with Mikhail Gorbachev — in fact, to emphasize to the latter specifically the extensive verification procedures that would enable both sides to monitor compliance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed on 8 December 1987.Gorbachev apparently responded: « You repeat that at every meeting, » to which Reagan answered, « I like it. » Putin is yet to have a jovial exchange of that sort with the US President-elect Donald Trump, but the ambience is striking.Putin must be sizing up that Trump is making just the correct noises about Russia ties, the latest being his interview with the New York Times on Thursday where he said:

  • I would love to be able to get along with Russia and I think they’d like to be able to get along with us. It’s in our mutual interest. And I don’t go in with any preconceived notion, but I will tell you, I would say — when they used to say, during the campaign, Donald Trump loves Putin, Putin loves Donald Trump, I said, huh, wouldn’t it be nice, I’d say this in front of thousands of people, wouldn’t it be nice to actually report what they said, wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with Russia, wouldn’t it be nice if we went after ISIS together, which is, by the way, aside from being dangerous, it’s very expensive, and ISIS shouldn’t have been even allowed to form, and the people will stand up and give me a massive hand. You know they thought it was bad that I was getting along with Putin or that I believe strongly if we can get along with Russia that’s a positive thing. It is a great thing that we can get along with not only Russia but that we get along with other countries.

But then,Trump fought shy of calling it a wholesome reset, pleading that reticence is in order « after what happened previously » (during the Obama administration). Trump made it sound like bonhomie, personal chemistry and the stuff of fighting the ISIS – nothing more, nothing less.

At any rate, Moscow has just made two major announcements, which are in the direction of strengthening Russia’s strategic deterrence against any belligerent military moves by the US. First, Moscow announced on Tuesday the deployment of advanced S-400 surface-to-air missiles and nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad in response to the NATO military build-up on Russia’s western borders.

Military analysts regard the Iskander complex as superior to all domestic and foreign analogues in terms of its strategic mobility, stealth capability, flight mission, and high capability to fulfill combat missions in the conditions of fire and electronic countermeasures. Effectively, all Europe becomes a ‘duck’ now. The flight time of Iskander from Kaliningrad to Berlin will be about 3 minutes flat.



Syrian Army bombs Turkish FSA camp for the third time

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski
Fort Russ
2016-11-26 18:20:00


Today, November 26th, Syrian air forces bombed Turkish troops and FSA militants in the Aleppo province for the third time. The Kurds, Turks, and famous « Syrian opposition » activists have simultaneously reported this.

« In Syria, bombs fell on armored vehicles and a military camp where FSA groups and the Turkish army were based. Three strikes have led to the death of 40 soldiers, » Turkish journalists from the Ahmed Haber agency have reported.

Ahmed Hani, an activist from the Kurdish self-defense forces, writes: « URGENT: Assad’s military planes have attacked a Turkish military camp in the village of Azraq. Casualties have been reported. A Turkish tank is on fire. » He added: « There was an attack yesterday as well. Today, Russian and Assad’s planes also bombed a military base of FSA groups in Azraq. »

Turkish inSpeak reported: « Syrian fighter jets bombed a military camp and an armored personnel carrier of the FSA. There are many killed and wounded, news is incoming from the scene. »



Possible conflict of interest: Trump owns shares in two companies behind the Dakota Access pipeline

2016-11-26 13:27:00


President-elect Donald Trump’s investments in two companies behind the Dakota Access pipeline, although small, are raising concerns about whether Trump’s stake in the project could affect decisions he makes about the pipeline as president.

According to Trump’s 2016 federal disclosure forms, the billionaire businessman owned between $15,000 and $50,000 in stock from Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, the owners of the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline. A year earlier, his share was between $500,000 and $1 million.

The president-elect sold off his shares in Energy Transfer Partners, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said. If true, it is unclear why investments in the company are still listed in the disclosure.

However, Trump’s financial disclosures also show he has between $500,000 and $1 million invested in Phillips 66, another energy company headquartered in Texas with a 25 percent ownership share of the Dakota Access.

Comment: See also:
  • Will Donald Trump’s win erase hopes to block Dakota access pipeline?


Paul Craig Roberts: Trump the Great?

Institute for Political Economy
Paul Craig Roberts
2016-11-25 00:00:00


Liberals, progressives, and the left-wing (to the extent that one still exists) are aligning with the corrupt oligarchy against president-elect Trump and the American people.

They are busy at work trying to generate hysteria over Trump’s « authoritarian personality and followers. » In other words, the message is: here come the fascists.

Liberals and progressives wailed and whined about « an all white male cabinet, » only to be made fools by Trump’s appointment of a black male and two women, one a minority and one a Trump critic.

The oligarchs are organizing their liberal progressive front groups to disrupt Trump’s inauguration in an effort to continue the attempt to delegitimize Trump the way the paid Maidan protesters were used in Kiev to delegitimize the elected Ukrainian government.



Society’s Child

The symbol of Cuban resistance- Fidel Castro’s Soviet adventures in rare photos from his visit to USSR

2016-11-26 20:57:00


The iconic Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro has passed away at the age of 90, marking the end of an era for Cuba and the world. RT looks back at his famous visit to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.

Castro first visited the USSR in 1963, aged 36, and four years prior to his visit, Havana established diplomatic ties with Moscow. Having been the Soviet Union’s ally during the Cold War, relations between the two nations’ leaders cooled in 1962, when the USSR’s Nikita Khrushchev removed Soviet missiles from the Caribbean island following an agreement with US President John F. Kennedy. Castro said the Soviet leader did it all behind his back.

To improve relations with Cuba, Khrushchev gave him a personal invitation to travel to the USSR. The visit lasted about 40 days, in which the revolutionary leader made an exciting tour all around the country.


Castro arrived in the USSR amid top secrecy in late April 1963. The date and time of the flight from Havana were kept secret. Castro’s journey to Russia started in the northern city of Murmansk.



Historical sex abuse in English football exposed, crisis deepens as more victims come forward

Ben Rumsby
The Telegraph
2016-11-25 18:50:00


Britain’s biggest police force has confirmed it has received information regarding historical sexual abuse at London football clubs.

The Metropolitan Police announcement came as the national inquiry into child sexual abuse opened the door to examining allegations within the sport. A spokesman said it « has received information relating to non-recent sexual abuse in football clubs in London ».
The Met said it will « assess any information it receives and ensure that victims are given the advice and support they need ».

Scotland Yard did not name any of the clubs involved. It means there are now four police forces which are known to be investigating the growing abuse scandal in the sport. Hampshire Police had earlier said its detectives are investigating non-recent child abuse « within the football community ». Cheshire Police revealed that « a growing number of disclosures » had been made to the force and there have been « allegations made against more than one individual ».

Comment: The crimes committed against these vulnerable children is repulsive and it’s highly doubtful that abuse within the footballing network has been eradicated. To understand why and how these sick individuals commit their crimes Anna Salter’s book ‘Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders’ is a must read. You can also find the radio interview with Dr Salter here: Behind the Headlines: Predators Among Us – Interview With Dr. Anna Salter


Agent provocateurs: Water protectors expose infiltrators provoking police, inciting violence

Claire Bernish
The Free Thought Project
2016-11-25 00:00:00


In a recent interview, Indigenous Environmental Network coordinator and activist, Dallas Goldtooth, revealed startling information about unwelcome people present in the encampments supporting the Standing Rock Sioux in their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline — infiltrators.

And not just typical government moles, either — though undoubtedly, as was the case with Occupy, they have also staked a claim in the Oceti Sakowin, Sacred Stone, and other camps. As Goldtooth explained, Energy Transfer Partners, the company constructing the pipeline, has deployed infiltrators to the camps to purposely heighten tensions with police and ruin the water protectors’ established policy of nonviolence.

Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman originally interviewed Goldtooth a few weeks ago, but did not publish the full interview until yesterday — and the information would be good to keep handy when someone claims water protectors have been violent and thus deserve brutality wrought by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and the other law enforcement agencies guarding the pipeline.



Controversial photographer found dead in his apartment just weeks after underage rape accusations

Pauline Talagrand & Sophie Deviller
Yahoo News
2016-11-26 18:40:00


French investigators probing the death of controversial British photographer David Hamilton believe he committed suicide, just weeks after he was accused of rape, sources close to the inquiry said Saturday.

The 83-year-old, known for his widely published nude images of underage girls, was found dead in his Paris home on Friday with a plastic bag over his head, one source told AFP, adding: « There is nothing at this stage to suggest anything other than suicide. »

Hamilton, who rose to fame in the 1970s and whose photography books sold millions of copies, had been drinking alcohol and another source said drug tests would be performed on the body as medication was found in the photographer’s bathroom.

A neighbour raised the alarm after noticing that the door of Hamilton’s apartment was half-open, and emergency services found him in cardiac arrest.

Hamilton had this week threatened to sue several former child models who had accused him of rape, saying he had previously been cleared of abuse.

The artist, whose work has long raised questions about where art ends and pornography begins, was at the centre of a torrent of allegations after a French radio presenter accused him of raping her when she was 13.

Flavie Flament, who modelled for Hamilton almost 30 years ago, published an autobiographical novel last month in which she described being raped by a famous photographer during a shoot.



Philadelphia cop shoots his son in the back for disrespecting him

Matt Agorist
The Free Thought Project
2016-11-26 18:29:00


In the last three years, the city of Philadelphia has not charged a single cop in the 116 officer-involved shootings that have taken place. However, all that has now changed after Philadelphia police officer Dorion Young made the decision to shoot his own 19-year-old son in his back because the teen had ‘disrespected him.’

The incident happened on Labor Day of this year as the 25-year veteran of the Philly Police department started an argument with his oldest son, Devine, over « perceived disrespect he felt about the use of the family car, » according to District Attorney Seth Williams.

As the argument escalated, reports, Young waved his personal .40-caliber pistol and shouted, « You my son, and you aren’t going to keep disrespecting me, » according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Young walked away from his son and called 911, but then went back, and broke down his son’s bedroom door and began fighting with him, Williams said.

The fight moved from the bedroom into the hallway, where Young ended up on his back as his son stepped over him and tried to get away by walking down the stairs, said Tariq El-Shabazz, deputy of the district attorney’s investigations division.

As the teenager walked down the stairs, his father sat up and, with his legs extended in front of him, fired two shots, El-Shabazz said.

Comment: Not even a cop’s own family members are safe.


Al-Qaeda linked Palestinian militant group ‘claims responsibility’ for devastating Haifa blaze

Lizzie Dearden
The Independent
2016-11-25 22:48:00


An al-Qaeda linked militant group has claimed responsibility for starting a devastating fire in the Israeli city of Haifa that forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes.

Ma’sadat al-Mujahideen, a Palestinian Salafist group, has claimed to be behind several previous blazes in Israel, including the Mount Carmel forest fire that killed more than 40 people near Haifa in 2010.

There is no proof of the group’s involvement in the blaze, or others they claimed near Jerusalem in 2011 and in the American state of Nevada in the following year.

Comment: Update: The Nature and Parks Authority of Israel released a photo alleging to show one of the suspects starting a fire.


The IDF and police captured a suspect that was sighted by a Nature and Parks Authority worker starting a fire in the north-western Etzion region.

The suspect was handed over to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for investigation.

The IDF spokesperson’s unit stated that during the night an IDF force near Dir Kaddis in the Ephraim region captured three suspects in a vehicle that had two full bottles of fuel, one empty bottle of fuel, a sack with fabric, gloves and lighters



Indescribably insane: Mom injects fecal matter into her son’s IV during his cancer treatment

Holly V. Hays
Indy Star
2016-11-25 18:07:00


Indianapolis police are investigating after a mother told them she injected fecal matter into her teenage son’s IV tube while receiving cancer treatment at Riley Hospital for Children.

The mother was arrested and charged with six counts of aggravated battery and one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury, according to court documents.

Police were contacted by hospital staff after a 15-year-old being treated for leukemia had developed several infections that were « unexplained in origin, » according to the documents.

The teen received his first round of chemotherapy and went home, but was readmitted again in early September with a fever, vomiting and diarrhea and continued to have those symptoms.

He also continued to have near-daily positive blood cultures for organisms normally found in stool, but doctors could find « no medical reason » to explain the blood infections, according to the court documents.

On Nov. 17, a nurse observing video surveillance in the teen’s room noticed his mother inject an unknown substance into his IV bag. She returned and again injected a substance into the bag about an hour and a half later.



Israeli rabbi says it’s OK to break Sabbath and shoot Arab arsonists amid raging wildfires triggering a massive evacuation

2016-11-26 01:14:00


It is permissible to break the Sabbath in order to stop, and even shoot, Arab arsonists, according to the municipal chief rabbi of Safed. Another spiritual leader suggested that the wildfires raging in Israel are divine punishment for the delay in legalizing outposts in the West Bank.

« The prime minister described the arson as terrorism … it’s a miracle that people weren’t burned alive, but we don’t rely on miracles. It’s certainly permitted and required to violate Shabbat to stop the fire and the arsonists. And if necessary, also to shoot them, » the rabbi said on Facebook.

Eliyahu believes that if the permission had been introduced earlier, the cities of Beit Me’ir, Carmiel and Haifa « would have been spared from this disaster ».

« I hope that the chief of staff and the police commissioner will give clear instructions to soldiers and police officers and citizens drawn from the fact that the fires have not finishes, and it is their responsibility, » he added, according to Ynetnews.

As firefighters keep on struggling to bring the wildfires under control, Israeli police have arrested 13 suspected arsonists so far, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan told reporters.

« The highest likelihood is that the motive is nationalistic, » Erdan told Army Radio. He said there were « minorities » among the suspects, apparently referring to Arab Israeli citizens or Palestinians. At least four of those arrested, according to AP, were Palestinians.

Comment: See also:

  • Al-Qaeda linked Palestinian militant group ‘claims responsibility’ for devastating Haifa blaze
  • Wildfires in Israel force over 80,000 people to evacuate Haifa, Netanyahu blames ‘arsonist terrorism’


Fatal shootings of cops increase by 67% while deaths from police shootings decline

2016-11-26 17:09:00


The number of US law enforcement deaths attributable to firearms in 2016 (60) is already beyond last year’s total but is yet to top totals in 2007 and 2011. Meanwhile, 860 people have been fatally shot by police forces so far this year, after 991 in 2015.

With about five weeks remaining in 2016, gun violence has claimed the lives of 60 law enforcement officers in the US, up from 36 in all of 2015, according to data compiled by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

All officer deaths —including those that were firearm-related, traffic-related, and other causes — are up by 18 percent from last year.

Eighteen officer fatalities have occurred in Texas this year, including the recent fatal shooting of San Antonio Police Department Detective Benjamin Marconi, a 20-year veteran of the SAPD. California has the next most officer fatalities, with 10.

While the number of fatally-shot officers in up from 2015, this year’s ongoing count (currently 60) still trails the totals of 2007 (70) and 2011 (73).

Comment: Another police office was was critically injured on Thanksgiving not with a gun, but with a skateboard:

A California police officer sustained a major head injury and is in a critical condition after he was hit on the head with a skateboard on Thanksgiving.

The unnamed officer, a 12-year veteran of the South San Francisco Police Department, was waved down by someone who wanted to report a person disturbing local businesses, according to South San Francisco Police Chief Jeff Azzopardi.

« Several patrons reported a subject acting aggressively and irrationally. The officer made contact with the suspect, who immediately became confrontational. During the contact, the suspect attempted to flee from the officer, » Azzopardi stated at a news conference. « After a short foot chase, the subject turned on the officer and intentionally struck him in the head with a skateboard, knocking him unconscious. »

See also: Four police officers shot in series of ambush style attacks in several US states



Cuban-Americans take to the streets to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro

2016-11-26 16:48:00


Cuban-Americans in Florida have been gathering in the streets to celebrate the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, under whose rule many thousands fled their island nation homes.

Parties are taking place in the cities of Hialeah and Miami, home to the majority of Cuban exiles in the US, with celebrations particularly focused in the famous, vibrant Cuban neighborhood Little Havana.

Comment: Under Castro’s presidency, thousands of schools were built, the literacy rate was 95% and medical care was free. They’re celebrating the death of a man who spoke out against state-sponsored terrorism, apartheid and imperialism. Classy.


New college counterculture: Trump supporters fighting the corrosive epidemic of political correctness

Katie J.M. Baker
2016-11-21 11:19:00


The new campus radicals quietly voted for Trump — and they want you to stop whining about it.

A week after Donald Trump won the presidency, many students on the University of Delaware campus were still devastated. Professors at the blue-state public school where Vice President Joe Biden is an alumnus canceled classes, helped organize marches, and held discussions so that students could process their feelings and fears.

But the UD students who voted for Trump were thrilled. It’s not just that their candidate won, but that the Democrats’ reliance on « identity politics » failed. Hillary Clinton’s campaign bet on the votes of women, minorities, the LGBT community, and other groups whose political positions are often shaped by the way they identify. But the Clinton campaign didn’t just fail to get out the vote — it also alienated white people who don’t like being told they’re bigots.

Trump didn’t win the election thanks to college graduates. The majority of them backed Clinton — except for white college-educated voters, who went for Trump by a narrow four-point margin. Nevertheless, Trump voters on campuses across the country view themselves as underground rebels fighting a corrosive epidemic of political correctness. Just don’t expect them to wear their « Make America Great Again » caps to the dining hall.

« It’s the new counterculture, » said Jared, an undergraduate who wore a suit and tie to a recent meeting of the UD College Republicans. « It’s the equivalent of being a hippie protesting at Kent State, » he said, apparently referring to the 1970 Vietnam War protest that ended with National Guard troops shooting four unarmed students to death.

Comment: To better understand this cult of political correctness that has completely ponerized liberal ideology, listen to the SOTT Radio show: The Truth Perspective: Radical political correctness, liberal ideologies and the decline of modern civilization


Thanksgiving tragedy: 4 y.o. shoots his baby cousin; parents charged

2016-11-26 16:42:00


Thanksgiving ended in criminal charges for one Philadelphia couple after their four-year-old shot his two-year-old cousin with a .40 caliber handgun. The injured boy is in critical condition.

The two children were playing in the living room at the family’s house in North Philadelphia when the tragic accident happened shortly before Thanksgiving dinner.

The toddler’s four-year-old cousin was playing with a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun found in the house when he fired it.

« The mother was preparing Thanksgiving dinner when the two kids were playing with the gun, » Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to neighbor Sonia Pizarro, she saw police cars outside the house at around 5:00pm.

As she relayed to the news outlet, the father ran outside in tears, screaming, « my baby, my baby, my baby. »




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