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Politics on Social Media, Gig Workers and Social Media Update 2016




November 23, 2016

The Political Environment on Social Media

Some Americans enjoy the opportunities for political debate and engagement that social media facilitates, but many more express resignation, frustration over the tone and content of social platforms.

Gig Work, Online Selling and Home Sharing

24% of Americans report earning money from the digital ‘platform economy’ in the past year. The extra income they make is a luxury for some, but a necessity for others.

Social Media Update 2016

The share of Americans who use Facebook is on the rise: 79% of online Americans use the platform, more than double the share that uses Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn. Furthermore, many Facebook users (76%) say they visit the site more than once a day, up from 70% in 2015.

TV still the top source for election results, but digital platforms rise

The share of voters who followed returns online increased by 14 percentage points since 2012 (from 34% to 48%), while the share who tracked results using a social networking site more than doubled (from 8% to 21%).

Social media causes some users to rethink their views on an issue

Overall, 20% of social media users say they’ve modified their stance on a social or political issue because of material they saw on social media, and 17% say social media has helped to change their views about a specific political candidate.

Two ‘Varietals’ of Green-Oriented Americans

Some 36% of Americans say they are deeply concerned about the issue of global climate change, and two-in-ten try to live out their concern for the environment “all the time.” Here’s a profile of them and how they compare to the overall public.

About a quarter of Americans say they haven’t read a book in any format in the past year. Who are they?

Clinton, Trump supporters deeply divided over use of fossil fuel energy sources

Why join the gig economy? For many, the answer is ‘for fun’

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What Motivates Gig Economy Workers

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Nearly a Quarter of Americans Earn Money From Digital Platforms


Facebook Is Utterly Dominating America’s Social Media Use


Many ‘Worn Out’ By Campaign, Survey Of Social Media Users Shows


People are too tired of the election to fight about it on social media

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