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Daily Religion Headlines, Nov. 18, 2016

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November 18, 2016
Daily Religion Headlines
U.S. Headlines
Georgia lawmaker to withdraw ‘anti-burqa’ bill after wave of criticism
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution *

#RegisterMeFirst takes off after Trump camp’s talk of Muslim registry
The Washington Post *

U.S. Jews grapple with election-year eruption of anti-Semitism
The Associated Press

A Muslim woman also got elected last week
The New Yorker

Yeshiva University names Ari Berman president
The New York Times *

U.S. cardinal sees challenging four years with Trump on refugees
The Associated Press

It’s not easy being black at BYU, film shows
The Salt Lake Tribune

Ruth Gruber, a fearless chronicler of the Jewish struggle, dies at 105
The New York Times *

International Headlines
Iraqi children dump Islamic State’s books of violence

Quebec ‘uproar’ over proposed Muslim community
BBC News

Is the pope Catholic? Francis dismisses critics of his teachings
Religion News Service

Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar crackdown to Bangladesh
Al Jazeera

Buddhists only on new Myanmar police force

Protest of U.S. terror listing offers a glimpse at Qaeda strategy
The New York Times *

German Protestants officially renounce converting Jews to Christianity
Religion News Service

China demands Mongolia scrap visit by Dalai Lama
The Associated Press

Analysis & Commentary
Islam, extremism and civil liberties
The New York Times *

Tearing down the wall before it gets built
The Economist *

Pope Francis, the ultimate headhunter
Religion News Service

Tales from the Mitzvah Tank
The Wall Street Journal *

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