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November 12, 2016
International: Taiwan govt recognizes Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances for pursuing justice almost two decades
Indonesia: Graft endemic in society and even the church, bishops’ conference gathering told
Philippines: Caritas recognizes 27 people who ‘helped communities recover’
India: They say the former priest was found dead under suspicious circumstances
Bangladesh: Extremist attack sparks outrage but the government’s apathetic response has made things worse
Thailand: Controversial case highlights brutality of capital punishment
Hong Kong: Cindy Ng is using an ancient tradition to help the Catholics of Hong Kong
Philippines: Salesian program has helped hundreds struggling to rebuild lives following devastating typhoon
India: The founder of an extraordinary project to save homeless people honored in Kerala
Philippines: The soul of Manila and the nation is being eaten away by the Philippine war on drugs
Pakistan: The unjust move sets back religious harmony in a country were sectarian violence is a major issue
India: Secrecy over the ailing southern Indian chief minister’s health has plunged the local government into confusion
Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr. Bill Grimm
Faith is not certainty, it is a choice. I choose, because of the evidence I have experienced of God’s loving help in ages past, to believe that love will not desert me. If I am right, I will know. If I am wrong, I will not know. And in that case, neither being wrong nor having lived at all will matter.
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