Counter Punch 09/11/216-après les élections américaines


Election 2016: The Big Split




John Steppling says fascism was here well before Tuesday.
Richard Moser says, congratulations! You played yourself!
M.G. Piety writes that the Democrats got what they deserved.
Andy Thayer lays out how the Democrats were unable to crush The Donald.
Norman Pollack on the curse of democracy.
Colin Todhunter asks; did America just get Trumped?
Exclusively in the New Print Issue of CounterPunch
How Hillary Could Provoke a Nuclear War 
Alan Nasser digs into Hillary Clinton’s horrifying nuclear weapons policy, where the use of a new generation of nukes is viewed as a legitimate tactic for conventional warfare. Hillary’s Mother Complex: Ruth Fowler dissects Hillary’s strange brand of feminism. Inside Our Camps: Lee Ballinger recounts the appalling history of the US internment camps for Japanese Americans; Up in Smoke: Josh Schlossberg investigates how the corporate environmental movement quietly promotes biomass energy; Beyond Progressivism: Andy Smolski charts how the progressive movement got co-opted by Big Capital. PLUS: Jeffrey St. Clair on melting glaciers; Yvette Carnell on the meaning of Colin Kaepernick; Paul Buhle on Margaret Sanger; Mike Whitney on Janet Yellen and Big Money; Ed Leer on the films of John Carpenter; Chris Floyd on ISIS and the new neocons; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on Europe’s Rebel Cities; and Alan Wieder on Studs Terkel on Third parties.
This week CounterPunch Radio host Eric Draitser sits down with Sukant Chandan to discuss the legacy of the war on Libya, as well as the rise of racism and fascism in the UK and Europe.
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Counter Punch 09/11/2106
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