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November 5, 2016

Church officials decry child rape in Bangladesh
Bangladesh: Catholic organizations blame congested courts and moral decay for a rise in child abuse

Bishops urge All Souls’ Day prayers for drug war victims
Philippines: Many Filipino families can’t afford to retrieve bodies of slain loved ones from funeral homes

Mentally ill man granted stay of execution in Pakistan
Pakistan: Imdad Ali’s case will be urgently reviewed after several rights groups lambasted the decision to hang him

Indian police suspected of killing unarmed Islamic terrorists
India: Opposition leaders allege the Hindu nationalist government is misusing security forces to target Muslims

Jakarta on high alert as Muslim hard-liners plan mass protest
Indonesia: Fundamentalists are demanding the city’s governor be given the death penalty for insulting Islam

Bishop warns against Philippine ‘deal’ with China
Philippines: Duterte told not to give in to Beijing over disputed territories

Kashmir Muslims frustrated by sealed mosque
India: The Indian government banned prayers there fearing riots but observers say this is a curb on religious freedom

Anti-sexual violence bill offers hope to Indonesian women
Indonesia: Many facing abuse may soon get the legal protection they desperately need

Political violence shatters families in Kerala
India: The south Indian state has seen a spike of political violence prompting a church campaign to end it

Can the Office of Missing Persons make a difference?
Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan Catholics will have to critically engage with the government in order to ensure it delivers on what it promises

Change yet to come to Philippine president’s hometown
Philippines: Despite years of prosperity in Davao, city’s poor have yet to reap the benefits

Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr. Bill Grimm
All we need to know is that God loves us. In that love we live in spite of sin and evil and will live in spite of death. There are no human words or concepts to explain it. All we can confidently say is that it is far beyond what we can imagine or even hope. We’re in for a big surprise.

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