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November 03, 2016
« Wikileaks is the Mossad, Stupid, Not the Russians, We are playing them like a fiddle… » Assange (sort of)

In a John Pilger Special, to be exclusively broadcast by RT on Saturday courtesy of Dartmouth Films, whistleblower Julian Assange categorically denied that the troves of US Democratic Party and Clinton work and staff emails released this year have come from the Russian government.
Political temperature has cooled down
Brig Asif H. Raja – Veterans Today – 12 minutes ago
American Nightmare: Tyranny Under the FBI, an American Reality (Part III)
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – Veterans Today – 2 hours ago
America’s Poor still Getting the Shaft
Sami Jamil Jadallah – Veterans Today – 3 hours ago
Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris: Jim Kirwin is the guest
Mike Harris – Veterans Today Live – 3 hours ago
Veterans, Feeling Abandoned, Stand by Donald Trump
Arnaldo Rodgers – Veterans News Now – 5 hours ago
Meet 6 Military Veterans Running for Congress
Arnaldo Rodgers – Veterans News Now – 5 hours ago
Vladimir Putin: Who will protect young boys from pedophiles and rapists in Europe?
Jonas E. Alexis – Veterans Today – 5 hours ago
Turkish Disinfo: Daesh terrorist leader Baghdadi urges followers to attack Turkey
Ian Greenhalgh – Veterans Today – 6 hours ago
Law School Volunteers Advocate for Disabled Veterans
Arnaldo Rodgers – Veterans Today Jobs – 6 hours ago
Syrian War Report – November 3, 2016: Egyptian Officers Arrive in Syria
South Front – Veterans Today – 6 hours ago
jobs for veterans
Should You Pay for Travel Over Time?
Arnaldo Rodgers – Veterans Today Money – 7 hours ago
Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails show how America is run
VNN – Veterans News Now – 9 hours ago
Trump’s Moronic Supporters in the Militias Armed and Ready if Clinton Wins
Ian Greenhalgh – Veterans Today – 10 hours ago
Can The American People Defeat The Oligarchy That Rules Them? – Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts – Veterans News Now – 12 hours ago
China’s Growing Amphibious Capabilities (Part 1)
South Front – Veterans Today – 13 hours ago
Iraq’s Popular Mobilization cuts Daesh’s main supply route in Mosul
GPD – Veterans Today – 16 hours ago
Putin: ‘America is a great nation, not some banana republic. Correct me if I’m wrong’
VNN – Veterans News Now – 22 hours ago
Donald Trump Is Winning – Bill Mitchell and Stefan Molyneux
VNN – Veterans News Now – yesterday
Talk Nation Radio: James Marc Leas on Canceling the F-35
David Swanson – Veterans Today Live – yesterday
Recker & Boerger Joins HireVeterans.com!
Veterans Today Network – Veterans Today Jobs – yesterday


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