CNA editor 4/11/2016-informations sur le catholicisme

Pope Francis at cemetery: Christ gives us hope – even in death
By Hannah Brockhaus
While it’s sad to think about our own death or that of a loved one, we can never be truly hopeless because of Christ’s resurrection, Pope Francis said on All Souls day at a cemetery outside of Rome.
In Albania, the Church honors martyrs of the communist era
By Mónica Zorita de la Morena
During 40 years of communist rule in Albania – which in 1967 declared itself the first completely atheist country in the world – praying, making the sign of the cross, wearing a crucifix around one’s neck, or any other evidence of being a believer in God were treated as crimes.
You’ve got questions (about death)? The Church has answers.
By Mary Rezac
In the 14th century, approximately one third of the population of Europe – or anywhere from 75 million to 200 million people – was wiped out due to what became known as the Black Death.
How Justice Scalia suffered the ‘contempt of a sophisticated world’
By Adelaide Mena
Catholics in Washington, D.C. recently paid tribute to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – both for his life of faith, and how he stood firm in his beliefs amid criticism from the cultural elite.
Why the ‘Catholic Spring’ mentality worries black Christian leaders
Several black Christian leaders suggested the “Catholic Spring” leaked emails showed “open contempt for religious freedom” and asked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton whether their own communities would be safe.
A victory for the seal of Confession in Louisiana
By Matt Hadro
Catholic priests do not have to break the seal of Confession to report the alleged abuse of minors, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled on Friday.
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