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How Many Nuclear Warheads Does the US Need?
By Global Research News
Global Research, November 02, 2016
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Making Nuclear Warheads at the Los Alamos National LaboratoryHow Many Nuclear Warheads Does the United States Need?

By Prof. Lawrence S. Wittner, November 02 2016

The present situation is untenable. We are living in circumstances of enormous danger for, as long as nuclear weapons exist, there is a great likelihood that they will eventually be used. Wars have been fought among contending territories and, later nations, for thousands of years, with the most powerful weaponry often brought into play. Nuclear weapons were used with little hesitation by the U.S. government in 1945 and, although they have not been employed in battle since then, how long can we expect to go on without their being pressed into service again by a defensive government, an aggressive government, a ruthless dictator, or a madman?

“Dysfunctional Democracy”, US Elections: “Less Than A Week…”

By Barbara Nimri Aziz, November 02 2016

I’m not the first one to note that democracy here is dysfunctional. What’s wrong with the Democratic Party? (I plead, to blank stares.) The Republican Party too. First, together they ensure that other parties, worthy but smaller, never become a serious challenge to their co-control. Second, both these major players are equally committed to the success of capitalist philosophy and the dominance of US military might across the globe.

FBI Director James Comey “to Be Investigated”?

By Stephen Lendman, November 01 2016

The disturbing truth about democracy in America: There is none – not from inception, not now, FBI Director James Comey’s investigation of Hillary’s mishandling of classified State Department documents one of countless examples. In July, he whitewashed her clear criminality, serious enough to send ordinary people to prison – compromising national security by maintaining classified State Department documents on her private email server, along with lying to the FBI and Congress, a perjurious offense.
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Video: Syria, Lies and Videotapes

By Prof. Tim Anderson, November 02 2016

Remember the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, remember the destruction of Lybia, once under Gaddhafi the country with the highest standard of living in Africa, now hell on earth, remember the coup in Egypt, remember the coup in the Ukraine, remember the birth of ISIS. Not to speak about Mossadegh in Iran, Arbenz in Guatemala, Lumumba in Congo, Sukarno in Indonesia, the gulf of Tonkin incident and the Vietnam war, Allende in Chile etc. The antidote to this choir of lies are lone, dissident voices, which are rarely heard – like Dr. Tim Anderson’s. His book “The Dirty War against Syria” is chock-full of disturbing information and brilliant analysis.
iceland pirate party

Pirate Parties and Transparent Politics: Iceland’s Experiment

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, November 02 2016

Getting transparency advocates into parliament and assemblies has proven to be a great challenge in modern politics. Iceland has led on that point, giving the world political punditry much to discuss in the good fortunes of the four-year old Pirate Party. Hackitivist politics, in other words, is slowly becoming a parliamentary platform, though it remains a murmur in most states.
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