NEW FROM PEW RESEARCH: November 04, 2016

November 04, 2016
Daily Religion Headlines
A new Fact Tank post looks at 30 major U.S. religious groups and ranks them by educational attainment among members.
U.S. Headlines
Donations to religious institutions fall as values change
The New York Times *

Catholic parish’s bulletin says Democratic voters are doomed to hell, Clinton is satanic
The San Diego Union-Tribune *

Clergy join Dakota Access pipeline protesters for ceremony
The Associated Press

More than $180,000 raised for church burned, marked with ‘vote Trump’ graffiti
Religion News Service

And on the seventh day, many don’t rest at all
The Boston Globe *

How much does saying ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ matter?

Washington’s oldest synagogue is on the move again
The Washington Post *

International Headlines
Tens of thousands of Indonesian Muslims protest against capital’s governor

South Korea’s Park denies following cult as scandal continues
BBC News

Strict law pushes Polish women to have abortions abroad
The Associated Press

Iraqis fear ‘bloodshed will continue’ if sectarian tensions aren’t addressed
The New York Times *

Keeping kosher: It may be bad for your economic health

Deputy leader of Britain First guilty over verbal abuse of Muslim woman
Press Association

Italy’s Benedictine monks of Norcia look to future after quake
Religion News Service

Violence and political pressure anger Nigeria’s Shiites

Catholic-Jewish relations strengthened by efforts of rabbi and future pope
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *

Analysis & Commentary
Is Augustine the patron saint of the 2016 election?
Religion News Service

Evangelicals love Christian lifestyle bloggers – until they start supporting LGBTQ rights

Why understanding Native American religion is important for resolving the Dakota Access Pipeline crisis
The Conversation

‘I never thought I’d be terrorized by my fellow Sikhs at a wedding’
The Guardian

The secret history of Elizabeth I’s alliance with Islam
National Geographic

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