CARDUS : Cardus Education Survey 2016 Released


Cardus Education Survey 2016 Released

The latest research from Cardus Education, led by Dr. Beth Green, confirms that independent schools play an important role in the public education systems of Canada.

What’s more, the survey’s findings undermine the stereotype that public school graduates are more civic-minded than their independent school peers. Check out Dr. Green’s article in Policy Options explaining why educational monopolies don’t benefit students or society.

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A Return to Civility

October 27, 2016

Amid all the rancour and character assassination that have marred the American presidential election campaign, Comment offers a ray of light.

Lisa Hosack writes about the bad, the ugly, and the good of group identification in How to Get Beyond Your Tribe.
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New Research Highlights the Need for Educational Diversity

October 19, 2016

Researchers working at the University of Notre Dame have confirmed a key factor in why Canadian and U.S. parents often place their kids in independent religious schools. Using data from the recently updated Cardus Education Survey, they found that parents are strongly influenced in their school choices by the type of high school from which they themselves graduated.
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Cardus Family Shows Why Marriage is a Public Health Issue

September 29, 2016

Marriage is a private choice in Canada, but a new Cardus report indicates that it also has very public consequences for our universal, taxpayer-funded healthcare system. Why Marriage is Good for your Health reviews 50 published, empirical medical studies that have established a correlation between marital status and health. In fact, the research indicates that a happy marriage provides five main health benefits to adults, compared to those who are single, co-habiting, divorced, separated, or widowed.
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Hiring: Senior Web Developer

Imagine a place where your work is clearly tied to the core values that animate you. A place where your technical expertise and leadership skills are given room to flourish, and have a meaningful impact on an organization and even society at large.

You’re imagining Cardus.

Cardus is looking for a Senior PHP Developer. This position has three main elements: communications, technical work and project management. This is a full-time, permanent position working with the rest of our staff in our Hamilton office.

Does this appeal to you, or someone you know? Find full job description and application here.
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Upcoming Issue: Cultural Jigs

The Comment team is hard at work lining up the Winter issue. This is a very « hands on » issue and we’ve enlisted practitioners and academics to help us understand the « cultural jigs » that shape us in everyday life. Because if we think that simply a firm resolve and willpower can make us better people, we fail to acknowledge the very powerful « built world » that can both assist us (and inhibit us) from becoming better people.

We’ve got wonderful articles from Peter Leithart, Tish Harrison Warren, Jen Pollock Michel, Wesley Hill, Cal Seerveld, and so much more. Plus, don’t miss the fascinating interview between Senior Editor Brian Dijkema and the University of Virginia’s Dr. Chad Wellmon.

Need any more convincing? Didn’t think so! Join us today and don’t miss out the Winter issue: Subscribe Today.
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Cardus Debates!

Be it resolved that the sole purpose of business is to maximize profit. In favour of the resolution is Matt Bufton, Executive Director of the Institute for Liberal Studies. Debating against it is Brian Dijkema, Program Director for Work and Economics at Cardus.

The role of corporate responsibility is getting more attention as corporations are involved not only in charitable giving, but also in social justice campaigns. Do corporations have a responsibility to the public that goes beyond maximizing profit for shareholders? Come for the debate, stay for the camaraderie, socializing, and light refreshments at the Cardus Ottawa office. Doors open at 6 pm. Open to the public, registration required. Click here to register.
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Worth a Read

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October 25, 2016
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‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Might Delay Death

October 14, 2016
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Protecting Patients in the Shadows of Euthanasia: 3 Recommendations

October 12, 2016
Faye Sonier, in
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Parents, Working and Home

October 11, 2016
Peter Jon Mitchell, in
Cardus Family

Exhibiting the Revolution

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