Russia and the West: the dialogue of peoples in search of answers to the civilizational challenges


03.11.2016 – Russia and the West: the dialogue of peoples in search of answers to the civilizational challenges

Patriarch Kirill

Your Eminence and Grace, honorable participants of the World Russian People’s Council, dear brothers and sisters!

03.11.2016 – Eurasia can solve most of Europe’s problems

Eliseo Bertolasi

On the issue of differences between the West and Russia, I am inclined to agree with Professor Dugin, who argues that Russia is not Europe. Europe and Russia are parts of the same continent which begins from Vladivostok and ends in Lisbon.

03.11.2016 – Vucic’s Double Dealing Is A Threat To The Russian-Serbian Partnership

Andrew Korybko

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has made a big show over the past couple of years about the delicate Yugoslav-like balancing act that he publicly purports to be pursuing between East and West, pointing to his government’s EU aspirations as

03.11.2016 – War in Yemen: Saudi crimes confirmed

Abel Kotze

The UN found that Saudi coalition airstrikes in Yemen are responsible for most of the civilians killed in the war and called for an international investigation into the coalition’s violations there.

03.11.2016 – Patriarch Kirill’s Speech at the World Russian People’s Council

03.11.2016 – Meeting of SCO heads of governments held in Bishkek

The two-day summit, which began yesterday, is dedicated to the development of cooperation between its members.

03.11.2016 – Coup attempt in South Africa: A blow to BRICS

Riots caused by the publication of the report of Thuli Madonsela, a human rights activist, have not stopped in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. In this report, Madonsela exposed the influence of Indian tycoons on the formation of the government of South Africa.

03.11.2016 – The enslavement of Ukraine Continues

Another mission of the Rothschild’s International Monetary Fund (IMF) is coming to Ukraine on November 3rd. The mission will last for two weeks. The IMF had been planning to pay a visit within the framework of the next revision of the reform program on October 26th, but it rescheduled this event.

03.11.2016 – Admiral Grigorovich: the newest Russian frigate

The newest frigate of The Black Sea Fleet «Admiral Grigorovich» left Sevastopol to the Mediterranean Sea. In two days the frigate will join the grouping of the Russian Navy near the coast of Syria.

Certainly, the frigate will significantly strengthen the Russian group in Syria. «Admiral Grigorovich» has become the first ship, equipped with ship missile complex «Kaliber-NK» with a high-precision, multi-channel, anti-aircraft missiles and rocket-artillery complexes.

03.11.2016 – US-led coalition airstrikes continue in Iraq

Sergei Rudskoy, Russian General Staff said that US-led coalition airstrikes on populated areas near Mosul, leading to casualties among civilians and having destroyed a mosque, continued.

Rudskoy reported: «On October 31, populated areas located 14 and 9 kilometers east of Mosul suffered due to mass bombing by the US-led coalition. The residential district of one of Mosul’s suburbs was severely destroyed by the US-led coalition airstrikes which preceded the Iraqi army offensive».

03.11.2016 – Bashar al-Assad: US is to blame for failure of latest ceasefire in Aleppo

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared that the United States and its allies were responsible for the failure of the last truce in Aleppo.

The President said that Washington always demanded a ceasefire only when the moment was beneficial for militants, who would have time to pull up fresh forces into the city and would get support (money and weapons).

03.11.2016 – Liberals provoke protests in Hong Kong

About a thousand protesters (according to the pro-American media) took to the streets of Hong Kong over a possible top-level intervention by Beijing in formimg government autonomy.

In fact, two opposition deputies, elected to parliament in the last election, do not want to take the oath; accordingly, they can’t be considered as full-fledged members of the government. For several times they have changed the text of the oath, which offended the majority of other deputies. And after that, these two deputies were surprised, then, that such an «oath» was deemed invalid.

03.11.2016 – Putin grants Russian citizenship to Seagal

Steven Seagal, a martial arts master has become a Russian citizen. The decree about the decision to grant Russian citizenship to Seagal has been published on the Kremlin official website.

In recent years Seagal has been a regular visitor to Russia and has accompanied Putin to some martial arts events, as well as the actor has been vocally defending the Russian leader’s policies.

03.11.2016 – Sasebo: U.S. base locked down

The U.S. Navy base Sasebo on the Japanese island of Kyushu, was put on lockdown due to reports of an attack. But after an hours-long search, there was found no evidence of a shooting.

Darian Wilson, Navy Forces Japan’s deputy public affairs officer said: «The area that this incident happened in is a maintenance area – not the quietest place on base. Someone thought they had heard something. Sounded like a gunshot».

03.11.2016 – Great Britain invests in Colombia’s failure

After the visit of British Prime Minister Theresa May, Colombian President Juan Santos said that he could not exclude a possibility of another referendum after a new peace agreement between the government and the rebels.

The Prime Minister and President Juan Manuel Santos singed several agreements; in addition, London would transfer 33 million pounds, probably to cover the costs of negotiations.

Sincerely, Katehon think tank team.


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