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Daily Religion Headlines, Nov. 3, 2016

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November 03, 2016
Daily Religion Headlines
U.S. Headlines
Black church burned in Mississippi, with ‘vote Trump’ scrawled on side
The New York Times *

Trump campaign scrambles to lock down Utah

Mormon voters divided on public health threats

Mass exodus from Mormonism? LDS stats paint a different picture
The Salt Lake Tribune

An evangelical makes her case for Clinton

Evangelical Latinos in Florida unconvinced by the choices for president

Election forum at Orthodox synagogue exposes rift among New York City Jews

Lawmakers who cross aisle on abortion face ouster

International Headlines
Islamic State leader says ‘no retreat’ from Mosul assault

Police to lock down Indonesian capital for blasphemy protest
The Associated Press

Crypt believed to be Jesus’ tomb opened for first time in centuries
The New York Times *

Catholic Church in UK apologizes for role in ‘forced adoptions’ over 30-year period
The Guardian

With construction of a new mosque, Greek Muslims look to come out of the shadows
Religion News Service

Myanmar police to arm, train non-Muslims in conflict-torn region

Netanyahu criticizes American Jewish leaders over Western Wall protest
The New York Times *

Iranians shocked as Quran reciter faces child sex abuse claims
BBC News

Analysis & Commentary
The sacred land at the center of the Dakota pipeline dispute

Is Donald Trump somehow tarnishing Islamophobia?
Pacific Standard

South Korea’s president is hardly the only leader to turn to mystics and shamans
The Washington Post *

Pope Francis’ deal with China is a disaster
The Week

When your 8-year-old suddenly finds religion and you don’t
San Jose Mercury News *

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