FRC action:Planned Parenthood’s PAC of Lies

Planned Parenthood’s PAC of Lies

FRC Action

November 01, 2016
Planned Parenthood’s PAC of Lies
Donald Trump doesn’t just want to build a wall across the border — he wants to build a wall between taxpayers and abortion too! Maybe that’s why Planned Parenthood is frantically knocking on voters’ doors in what CBS calls a « massive election effort » to help Hillary Clinton.
The Night the Rights Went out in Georgia
Officials in Georgia have felt the heat — but have they seen the light? Just five days after FRC launched its petition on behalf of Dr. Eric Walsh, more than 39,000 of you have already had a major impact! Late last week, the state that fired Dr. Walsh for his Christian sermons, decided to withdraw the subpoena for copies of them.
Letting the Election Run Its Courts…
A presidential term doesn’t last a lifetime — but their Supreme Court picks do! So when voters head to the polls next Tuesday (or before), they’re not just voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton — they’re voting for at least one, and maybe as many as three or four, high court justices.
Media Note
There’s been plenty of Values Bus buzz as the FRC Action team rolls through North Carolina this week. Check out some of the press on our trip through the Tar Heel state here and here! Also, for an interesting take on election week, don’t miss Ken Blackwell’s new piece in the Stream, « If Ben Franklin Could Vote. »

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