Is Clinton finished? FBI doubles down, says no evidence of Trump-Putin collusion


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Is Clinton finished? FBI doubles down, says no evidence of Trump-Putin collusion

Niall Bradley
2016-11-01 17:33:00


While the general public might be under the illusion that Russia is nothing more than a « regional power », the terrifying truth has now been revealed: Russia is a global hegemon with the unequaled power to decide who gets to be the President of the USA. Yes, that’s right, the entire exceptional USA, its population and political and economic institutions, are nothing more than pawns of the Russian government, mere putty in the hands of the tyrant Putin.

This shocking claim has been repeatedly made over the past few months by the Clinton campaign and many Democrat politicians, not to mention the leading media organs on both sides of the Atlantic. Their evidence, as incontrovertible as the claim itself, is made up of repeated statements by Hillary and her minions that Putin and Trump are best buddies and that Putin has been hacking DNC emails and releasing them to the public, just to make Hillary look bad. And just when you thought that the situation couldn’t get any worse, now we are told that the FBI might be compromised too. Yes, you heard that right, there are not only Reds under the FBI’s bed, but FBI Director Comey might be sleeping with one.

In truth, our very way of life is in peril from this revanchist Red Menace. We must take action, and now. Elect Hillary or you’ll be speaking Russian by Christmas.

Coming back to reality…
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Podesta Congratulated on Nevada Fraud

Craig Murray
2016-11-01 21:16:00


This Clinton circle email has been highlighted because of its injunction that « Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp. » But actually the last phrase might be more significant – « congrats on Nevada. »



Puppet Masters

But we’re not cynical: Invite to Netanyahu brought a big donor to Dem thinktank

Philip Weiss
2016-10-30 21:25:00


‘[W]e’ll never be called anti-Semitic again’

The latest emails from the Clinton campaign released by Wikileaks are radioactive. Two emails last year to campaign chairman John Podesta from Neera Tanden, head of the Clintonite thinktank Center for American Progress, lay bare the influence of Zionist money on the political process as nothing else has.

« Netanyahu was worth it…. » « the far left hates me. »

The emails relate to Tanden’s controversial invitation to rightwing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come to the thinktank, months after he had tried to destroy President Obama’s Iran deal – for a fawningly-positive « interview » in which Tanden barely touched on the prime minister’s racist appeals to win reelection in Israel earlier that year.

On November 11, the morning of the Netanyahu lovefest, Podesta asked Tanden for a bottom line on the event: « what has been gained and what has been lost? »

Tanden wrote back to him that afternoon that it was awful, but it was worth it, because CAP scored a big donor, and we won’t be called anti-Semitic again.

Biggest Lie of the Election Season? Killary’s ‘Russian Hack’ Hoax

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
2016-11-01 20:52:00


The longer this soap opera drags on, it’s becoming more and more evident that the Russian government did not ‘hack’ into the DNC, and Moscow is not feeding John Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks. For those who are deeply invested in this now official conspiracy theory, this might be a hard pill to swallow.

The White House and the Hillary Clinton campaign are now married to the idea that ‘Putin is hacking the US elections.’ In response, the President is weighing his options – tougher economic sanctions, revoking diplomatic status to Russian envoys in the US, or even deploying his newly developed ‘malicious cyber-activity’ tools.

Even VP Joe Biden wants in on the action, threatening Moscow by saying, »We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it. »

It seems that where ever you turn nowadays, someone in Washington is issuing a threat against Russia. Are US-Russian relations really that bad, or does this trend have more to do with the defense industry and power struggles within the US?

What was previously a stance reserved for right-wing neoconservative hawks and Cold War hold-outs has now infected America’s left-wing, and is a firm plank in the Democratic Party platform, as evidenced by Hillary Clinton’s constant anti-Russian rhetoric throughout this 2016 election cycle. Along with the White House, Clinton has now transformed the Democrats into the vanguard of Washington’s new anti-Russia movement.

North Korea is a useful Pentagon vassal state

F. William Engdahl
New Eastern Outlook
2016-11-01 21:05:00


If it weren’t for the fact that he is absolute dictator of a country with a formidable army and nuclear missile technology, North Korean President Kim Jong Un, the 290 pound, 32 year-old ruler would be a clown figure. Unfortunately for world peace, Kim Jong Un, while he is playing games with his rockets and threats of war, is serving the long-term interests of the USA, especially the military industrial complex, the Pentagon and State Department, whose priority increasingly is to make an Asia Pivot of military power projection to contain and isolate the Peoples’ Republic of China as well as Russia.

In the end of the 1990’s I had the chance occasion to have a chat with the late James R. Lilley. Lilley was at the Davos World Economic Forum and by chance had sat at my dinner table together with a delegation from the China Peoples’ Liberation Army. As I was the only westerner at the table he struck up a conversation, and as he saw I was more than conversant in global politics, he began talking, perhaps more than he should have with one he did not know.

Clinton crony James Carville has meltdown on MSNBC: Asserts FBI, GOP, and KGB all working together

Edmund Kozak
2016-10-31 06:49:00


Democratic strategist calls reopened Clinton probe an ‘attack’ on American democracy in MSNBC tantrum

Famed Democratic strategist James Carville may be the first Clinton surrogate to have officially lost his mind over the FBI’s decision to reopen its investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

In an appearance on MSNBC on Monday, Carville relentlessly — and repeatedly — attacked the FBI’s decision to reopen the investigation, asserting it is part of a conspiracy to subvert American democracy.

« This is in effect an attempt to hijack an election, » Carville claimed. « It’s unprecedented … the House Republicans and the KGB are trying to influence our democracy, » he said.

Apparently the fact that the Soviet security agency was disbanded in 1991 does not preclude its involvement in this vast, anti-Clinton, FBI-organized conspiracy, according to Carville. Poor Carville was clearly apoplectic at the news of Comey’s announcement, describing it as an assault or attack on American democracy multiple times.

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Comment: Carville’s assertions are an insult to the intelligence of anyone who’s been following arch-criminal’s Killary’s exploits, law-breaking and her own election strategy mayhem. The very fact that hired-gun Carville would repeat the Big Lie about Russia and choose to work on behalf of someone like Killary speaks volumes about the guy.

See the new Sott Focus: Is Clinton finished? FBI doubles down, says no evidence of Trump-Putin collusion

‘We don’t care about your red line’: Turkey slams EU criticism over journalists’ arrests

2016-11-01 20:50:00


Turkish PM Binali Yildirim has responded to concerns expressed by Ankara’s EU partners over the situation with the freedom of expression in the country, saying that European standards apparently have no importance for Turkey.

Following Monday’s arrests of the editor-in-chief and other top staff of Turkey’s opposition Cumhuriyet daily, European Parliament President Martin Schulz harshly criticized Ankara’s actions, having called it a part of a « purge… motivated by political considerations, rather than legal and security rationale. »

Turkey has once again crossed the « red line » against freedom of expression, the politician wrote on Twitter.

« Brother, we don’t care about your red line. It’s the people who draw the red line. What importance does your line have. We draw another red line on top of yours, » Yildirim told members of his ruling AK Party in a parliament speech.

Top advisor to Putin lays out Russia’s plan for global security

2016-11-01 20:37:00


In an exclusive interview for Sputnik, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev offered his assessment of the main threats facing the world, and Russia’s plans to deal with them. Given the Security Council’s status as an advisory body reporting to the president, Patrushev’s word is basically the Kremlin line on national security issues.

The Security Council is charged with working out the president’s decisions on national security affairs. In this light, Sputnik asked Secretary Patrushev to lay out his views regarding the security situation in the world today, and the regions which he sees as the most problematic.

« The situation in the world is not becoming any easier, » the official admitted. « There is a growing competition for global influence and the use of global resources. »

At the same time, Patrushev added, « the excessive ambitions of some countries is provoking new challenges and security threats in a variety of regions around the world, and creates serious obstacles to the creation of bilateral and multilateral efforts aimed at resolving crisis situations. »

Not only Killary, entire Obama administration exposed for using private email to avoid FOIA requests

Jack Burns
The Free Thought Project
2016-11-01 20:37:00


Wikileaks is helping President Obama keep his 2008 campaign promise — to be the most transparent administration in U.S. history — whether he likes it or not. And, once again, we’re learning more about the inner sanctum of the administration and its communication practices. As FBI Director James Comey announced Friday, a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has been launched, just days before the presidential election. Comey’s move drew fire instantly from the Democrats who claim Comey is attempting to sway the election in Donald Trump’s favor. While many are focused on Comey’s actions and renewed investigation, Wikileaks has uncovered what may prove to be a systemic problem of executive branch accountability not merely limited to the former secretary of state’s emails.

According to former State Department official Tom Nides, in a 2015 email to John Podesta (Clinton campaign manager), everyone in Obama’s cabinet and every White House staffer uses their personal email for government business. Nides should know as he worked under Hillary Clinton in the State Department from 2011 to 2013, according to one source.

This stock market metric says the likely winner is…Trump

Patti Dom
2016-11-01 18:46:00


The stock market’s election year performance between July 31 and Oct. 31 has often accurately predicted the next president — and this year it’s pointing to a victory by Donald Trump, if history is a guide.

Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA, says the market’s decline this fall has been a bad omen for the incumbent party and Hillary Clinton, who still holds a six point national lead in a new poll. The S&P 500 is down 2.2 percent since its close of 2,173 on July 29, a Friday and the last trading day of July.

« Going back to World War II, the S&P 500 performance between July 31 and Oct. 31 has accurately predicted a challenger victory 86 percent of the time when the stock market performance has been negative, » he said. The one time in eight that the incumbent party won with a negative stock market was in 1956, when Adlai Stevenson challenged President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Turkey deploying tanks near Iraqi border to combat ISIS threats

2016-11-01 20:17:00


Ankara is deploying heavy armor, including tanks to the border near Iraq, media reports say. Turkish Defense Minister has meanwhile said that the military will tackle potential « increase » of threats to the country.

Turkish tanks as well as armored vehicles have started moving into the town of Silopi, located close to the border with Iraq, Turkish Dogan news agency and Reuters report citing army sources.

According to the country’s Defense Minister Fikri Isik, the deployment is part of anti-terrorist fight and is also linked to the developments in Iraq.

« We will not allow the threat to Turkey to increase, » Isik told broadcaster A Haber as cited by Reuters. Ankara has « no obligation » to wait until the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Partry (PKK), considered by Turkey terrorists, will seize territories in Iraq’s Sinjar region, around 115 km south of Silopi, Isik added.

Earlier in October, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned the PKK of using bases in northern Iraq, where its main bases are located. « If there is a threat posed to Turkey, we are ready to use all our resources including a ground operation to eliminate that threat, » Hurriyet daily news quoted the official as saying.

Imperial hypocrisy: US calls for ‘end to Saudi-led airstrikes’ in Yemen, but keeps selling arms to Riyadh

2016-11-01 20:15:00


The US envoy to the UN has called on the Saudi-led coalition to « refrain from taking steps that escalate violence » in Yemen. Her appeal contradicts Washington’s actions, with the Pentagon continuing to supply arms and provide military support to Riyadh.

« First, the United States calls on the parties to recommit immediately to the cessation of hostilities, which means halting all military actions on the ground, in the air, and at sea. That includes an end to shelling and an end to airstrikes, » Ambassador Samantha Power said at a UN Security Council briefing on Monday.

« There is very little good news in Yemen, but one small piece of good news is that we have seen that the parties can reduce the violence in Yemen when they show the will to do so, » she noted.

Power slammed missile attacks by Yemeni Houthi rebels on Saudi Arabia, noting that « every country has a right to defend itself, and the United States remains fully committed to the security of Saudi Arabia. »

Comment: Translation: We’re making a lot of money here. And besides, they donated a lot to Killary.

« It is also incumbent on the Saudi-led coalition and the forces of the Yemeni government to refrain from taking steps that escalate this violence and to commit to the cessation of hostilities, » she added.

« After 19 months of fighting, it should be clear that there is absolutely no military solution to this conflict. Airstrikes that hit schools, hospitals and other civilian objects have to stop. In many cases these strikes have damaged key infrastructure that is essential to delivering humanitarian aid in Yemen, » Power concluded.

Comment: Rich words from the Empire’s war harpy

Death-eater Samantha Power excuses U.S. war crimes in Syria at UN – Churkin blasts her
Watch psychopath Samantha Power vilify Russia and defend Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria during her Security Council speech (VIDEO)


Constitutional Crisis: Is Wall Street pulling the plug on Killary?

Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research
2016-11-01 19:53:00


Since the release of FBI Director Comey’s second letter to the US Congress, the presidential elections process has gone haywire, out of control. The bipartisan political apparatus is in crisis.

« I FBI director [James Comey] am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation. »

Two important questions:


In both cases, we are dealing with powerful interest groups. CUI-BONO?

Has there been a shift in the Corporate Elite’s unbending support for Hillary Clinton? Or are the Elites divided? This is something to be carefully investigated.

Comment: Clarification: the emails Comey referred to are NOT related to the Wikileaks releases. But the question still stands. As for the shift, it sure looks like it: Is Clinton finished? FBI doubles down, says no evidence of Trump-Putin collusion


Virginia allegedly prepping to facilitate mass voter fraud

Jim Stinson
2016-10-31 11:46:00


Officials stockpile a million provisional ballots in swing state governed by a close Clinton ally. Virginia has printed 1 million provisional ballots, an unprecedented number that could allow a large number of previously disqualified felons to cast ballots for president in the potentially crucial swing state. So says Reagan George, the president of the Virginia Voters Alliance.

George, a conservative election watchdog, charged on Monday that the Virginia Department of Elections is overpreparing for worst-case scenarios and increasing the likelihood of illegal votes being cast. In reply to Republican complaints earlier this month, Virginia Department of Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortés acknowledged officials are preparing for all contingencies, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

But George said the provisional ballot printing doesn’t make sense even for contingencies. And it doesn’t compare to demand in 2012. « The claim that it is for contingency planning is bogus, » George said in an email. « In 2012, Stafford County used less [sic] than 500 provisional ballots — in 2016 they received 30,000. In 2012, Loudoun County used 700 provisional ballots. In 2016, they received 84,000. In 2012, Fairfax used 2,500 provisional ballots; in 2016, they received over 265,000. This is ridiculous. »

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Comment: Don’t suppose those felons know which party is giving them the right to vote… Naw, no way! The Dems wouldn’t do that! (Ahem)

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Will preemptive accusations against Russia be used to cover up voting fraud in the Presidential election?
Selecting the President: Election irregularities linked to E-voting machine companies who are large Clinton Foundation donors


Trump sued by Democrats for alleged voter intimidation in four states

Andy Sullivan
Thomson Reuters Foundation News
2016-10-31 21:05:00


Democratic Party officials sued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in four battleground states on Monday, seeking to shut down a poll-watching effort they said was designed to harass minority voters in the Nov. 8 election.

In lawsuits filed in federal courts in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Ohio, Democrats argued that Trump and Republican Party officials were mounting a « campaign of vigilante voter intimidation » that violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act and an 1871 law aimed at the Ku Klux Klan.

« Trump has sought to advance his campaign’s goal of ‘voter suppression’ by using the loudest microphone in the nation to implore his supporters to engage in unlawful intimidation, » the Ohio Democratic Party wrote in a legal filing. Similar language was used in the other lawsuits. The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Since August, Trump has urged his supporters to monitor polling locations on Election Day for signs of possible voting fraud, often urging them to keep a close eye on cities like Philadelphia and St. Louis that have high minority populations.
Comment: The Democrats are frantic as they see the election slipping away and their pillar of strength crumbling daily. What is one more outrageous accusation in the mud sling of this pathetic election process?

Kuril Islands: Russia’s claim of sovereignty is unquestionable

2016-11-01 13:16:00


Russia’s upper house speaker has said that Russian sovereignty over the Kuril Islands cannot be questioned because these territories became Russian territory as a result of WWII and this fact is stated in international legal acts. « As for the Kuril Islands – their belonging may be questionable for Japan, but not for Russia. They became our territory as a result of the Second World War and this is registered by international documents. Therefore, Russia’s sovereignty over these islands cannot be doubted, » Valentina Matviyenko told reporters.

However, the Federation Council speaker added that Russian authorities are ready for a compromise in talks over the peace treaty with Japan so that a final agreement is acceptable for both countries. She added that the success of negotiations depended on how much realism Japanese authorities and diplomats show.

« They should be fully aware of the fact that there are things that Russia will never allow. Restricting Russia’s sovereignty over Kurils or their transfer under Japanese jurisdiction is one such thing. This is the position of not just the Russian leaders, but of the whole Russian people, » Matviyenko said. She also noted that strengthening of cooperation between Russia and Japan was a guarantee of better trust between the nations which, in turn, would bring closer the compromise in the territorial row.
Comment: Countries that lose something tend to live in the past.

‘Atlantic’ editor: Israel’s expulsion of Palestinians not ‘a tragedy’

Philip Weiss
2016-10-30 00:00:00


On Thursday night, Jeffrey Goldberg, the new editor in chief of the Atlantic, spoke at Temple Emanu-El in New York, and said many quotable things: 60 percent of Americans depend on the mainstream media and the internet is a swamp of unreliable reporting that has given rise to Trump; the American Jewish community and the Israeli Jewish community are now « like two ships in the night; » the Democratic Party is split on Israel between its progressive base and its big Jewish donors; it is incumbent on Israel, the client state, to make things right with the U.S.; Netanyahu is a « reckless » « stunt »-man; the American Jewish community fed young Jews a « simplistic » narrative about Israel, but young Jews on campus don’t know what they’re talking about when they adopt the Palestinian version of events.

And: the dispossession of the Palestinians in 1948 was not a tragedy. No; the tragedy was Israel wasn’t founded in 1938. That comes last. Now let’s listen to Goldberg.
Comment: The heck with Jeffrey Goldberg and his biased concerns of past and present. If allowed to take place, political and ‘human’itarian evolution will provide psychopathic Israel the means and will to join the human race. Caught in the antisemitism snare with blind allegiance, the US could help foster the change by addressing its own tricked obedience. By denying Jewish/Israeli passive-aggressive martyrdom and its complementary manipulative-based propaganda, the US might loosen the yoke of psychological and monetary leverage currently influencing congress and the American people.

Society’s Child

Man ‘cut off toe in store and ate it’

2016-11-01 15:11:00


A man has been taken to hospital after reportedly cutting off his toe with bolt cutters in a Wilko shop and then eating it.

Police attended the store in Haymarket, Sheffield, previously known as Wilkinson’s, at around 11.10am on Sunday.

They were called following reports of concern for a man inside the premises.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: « Upon officer arrival, the man was taken to hospital with injuries to his foot, where he remains.
Comment: Related articles:

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Another New Zombie Attack: Louisiana Man Carl Jacquneaux Bites Chunk of Victim’s Face Off
Video compilation of bizarre zombie-like activity across the U.S. in 2014


Hi, I’m Glenn Beck and I’m delusional: ‘Putin is giving guns and ammo to the alternative-right in Europe’

Glenn Beck
Russia Insider
2016-10-31 00:00:00


A tasty sampling of word goo, from your favorite political commentator, me, Glenn Beck.

Hi. Glenn Beck here. Just wanted to say thank you to Russia Insider for agreeing to republish some of my thoughtful thoughts about Vladimir Putin, Nazis, Vladimir Putin giving guns to Nazis to shoot people with….stuff like that.

Here are some actual things that I recently said on my televised news program, Glenn Beck Wears a Hat at Grandma’s House:

Okay. I want to talk to you about something. I want to talk to you about Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin has now upped the game and is now funneling money, training, and terror to the alt-right in Europe. […]

There is a — what a surprise, cop-killing spree in Hungary. The neo-Nazis are fueling a lot of this. And the cop-killing spree, as they went in and they caught one of these cop killers, they found out, « Holy cow, look at, this is a neo-Nazi. This is an old neo-Nazi. He’s 70 years old. He’s been coordinating this? »

But they also found guns and training from Vladimir Putin’s Russia. They now have — their version of the FBI has on tape Russian operatives going over in Europe, specifically in this case Hungary, coming in and training terrorists, alt-right terrorists.

Comment: Geeze – yet another wacky and delusional American pundit whose grip on reality is in the crapper. But this has been a long time in coming for Beck:

Colbert: Beck ‘raised the stupid bar and now it’s nearly inapproachable’
Beck’s disintegration continues: Ex-exec sues ‘erratic,’ ‘reckless,’ ‘paranoid’ Glenn Beck
Norway shooting: Psychopath Glenn Beck compares dead teenagers to Hitler youth
An example of how lying and believing lies damages the brain: Glenn Beck reveals mystery illness and says doctors had to ‘reboot’ his brain


10 killed after grotto with pilgrims collapses during a religious celebration

2016-11-01 19:56:00


A grotto has collapsed during a religious celebration in the Brazilian city of Santa Maria, killing at least 10 people and leaving four others injured, AP reported, citing officials.

The Casa da Pedra grotto outside the city of Santa Maria do Tocantins has been a place for religious gatherings for the locals for years, Brazil’s G1 news website reported.

Alabama declares emergency over pipeline explosion, killing one and injuring six workers

2016-11-01 19:17:00


Alabama governor Robert Bentley has declared a month-long state of emergency after a pipeline explosion in Shelby County that killed one and injured six workers.

The state of emergency came into effect on Tuesday, and will last until December 1 unless the governor decides to end it sooner.

Austria: Iraqi refugee rapes 10yo boy, conviction overturned

2016-10-24 11:23:00


An Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool, calling it a « sexual emergency, » has had his conviction overturned after a court in Austria concluded that the 20-year-old attacker may have been unaware the boy did not want to be abused. The assailant, identified as Amir A., was taken to the Theresienbad pool in Vienna in December of last year as part of the integration process into Austrian society. He was also provided with a 15-year-old translator to help him integrate.

Once at the pool, Amir A, who had worked as a taxi driver in Iraq, dragged a 10-year-old schoolboy into the changing rooms, locked the door and violently sexually assaulted him. The boy, known only by his first name, Goran, told a lifeguard he had been attacked, and the police were called. He suffered severe internal injuries and was rushed to a children’s hospital. He is still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

After the incident, Amir A. reportedly returned to the swimming pool as if nothing had happened, continuing to have fun and using the diving board.

The assailant, who came to Austria via the Balkans in September 2015, confessed to the rape, saying he had acted because of a « sexual emergency » as he had not had sex for four months. When asked if such actions were legal in his home country, he admitted he knew that « such acts were forbidden in any country of the world, » Kronen Zeitung daily reported.
Comment: Would this case have made international news if it didn’t involve a refugee? Putting that aside, pedophilia gets a new excuse – « sexual emergency. »

UPDATE 1/11/2016

View on

The Russian president said:

[…] I can’t get through my head what they are thinking over there [in Europe]. This is a result of the dilution of national traditions and values. I can’t even explain the rationale. Is it a sense of guilt towards the migrants?…A society that cannot defend its children today, has no tomorrow. It has no future.

Putin also noted that Russia as a state, has encompassed multiple ethnicities and cultures for over 1000 years, and that unlike Europe, it has a proven track record of managing inter-ethnic relations.

Despite the presence of a vocal liberal minority, the great majority of Russians agree with their leader that if these are the kind of « European values » the West has on offer, it is better to remain the « backward » conservative society that continually draws the unfettered ire of liberal paragons in Europe and America.

The only question is whether eastern European nations such as Ukraine, Georgia, and Poland – which are in their inherent culture and moral outlook far more similar to Russia than to the modern Germans, Americans, and French – will come to their senses in time to save themselves from the cultural rot devouring the core of the societies with which they are presently so enamored.


« Zombie » attack update: Accused Florida killer told police « I ate humans »

Hannah Winston
Palm Beach Post
2016-10-31 18:22:00


When Austin Harrouff was at St. Mary’s Medical Center, soon after authorities say he killed two people and attempted to kill another man, he spat out what investigators described as a piece of human flesh and had « human hair in his mouth, » according to Martin County court documents.

« Help me, I ate something bad, » Harrouff said, according to Martin County Sheriff’s deputies.

« What did you eat? » a sergeant asked.

« Humans, » Harrouff replied.

Harrouff, 19, faces two counts of second-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and burglary of a dwelling, after sheriff’s investigators say he stabbed John Stevens III, 59, and Michelle Mishcon, 53, to death at their home on Southeast Kokomo Lane on Aug. 15.
Comment: Further reading on the Harrouff story:

Florida State fraternity member identified as flesh-eating murder suspect
The war on drugs: How it makes people eat faces, stab people to death
Zombie attack: Husband and wife killed in gruesome murder scene where police encounter killer eating victim’s face


Cop caught with his own body camera stealing money from unconscious crash victim

The Free Thought Project
2016-11-01 18:12:00


A Denver cop has been arrested and suspended without pay after his own body camera footage caught him stealing $1,200 in cash from a crash victim.

Instead of helping an unconscious crash victim, officer Julian Archuleta took advantage of the situation for his own personal gain by going through the man’s clothing and robbing him. Archuleta now faces charges of misdemeanor theft, 1st-degree official misconduct and tampering with physical evidence.

According to an arrest affidavit, Archuleta responded to a call of shots fired in the early morning hours of October 7. The call then led to a short pursuit which ended as the car crashed. The driver got away while the passenger of the vehicle was knocked unconscious.

Gardening is powerful rehabilitation

Dr. Mercola
2016-11-01 00:00:00


In the U.S., there are more prisoners than farmers. In fact, according to Solutions journal the U.S. housed about one-fourth of the prison population worldwide, which amounts to nearly 2.3 million people.1

Most (80 percent) of the prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent crimes such as drug charges, and the U.S. spends more than $80 billion a year on the criminal justice system alone. The implications of spending so much on prisons, not only financially but socially, are concerning, to say the least.

And, perhaps not ironically, where small family farms once stood is now an influx of new prisons dotting the rural countryside. Prisons are often built in economically depressed areas and are touted as a tool for promoting economic growth.

But this growth hinges on the continuation of crime. Efforts to stop crime would, in effect, shut down the prisons that many rural areas depend on.2 Meanwhile, for all the billions being spent on incarceration and criminal justice, most inmates are not rehabilitated upon their release.

Many prisons still focus on punishment rather than rehabilitation, which means many prisoners may be angrier and harder upon their release, any may be unwilling or lack the skills necessary to function in society. According to Solutions:3

« In states such as New York, Florida, and California, more is spent on keeping people in prison than is spent on higher education.

In California, for example, it costs almost $45,000 to keep an inmate in prison for a year, while only $15,000 to send that same person to the state university system. For all the money allocated to locking people up, very little targets rehabilitation. »

Comment: The prison system in the US is in dire need of overhaul – it is a totalitarian system of abuse that has ensnared millions of poor and minorities to provide profits to the corporations who are the only beneficiaries of this brutal system.

Engine of the world economy: Chinese factory activity highest in over 2 years

2016-11-01 17:04:00


A significant improvement in China’s key activity surveys is reinforcing hopes of stabilization in the world’s second largest economy.

Activity in China’s manufacturing sector of mainly large state-owned factories, expanded at the fastest pace last month since July 2014.

The Markit/Caixin Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) survey came in at 51.2 for October, up from 50.1 the previous month. The result was much higher than analyst expectations of 50.4.

A reading above 50 indicates an expansion in activity on a monthly basis, anything below 50 means contraction.

Output expanded at the quickest rate since early 2011 as new orders rebounded, according to the survey. Stronger demand led improved domestic orders as the level of new export sales fell slightly over the month.
Comment: The money China gets from this is being spent on buying up assets all over the world. For example, last year, Chinese state-owned enterprises bought 263 million euros’ worth of assets in Germany. This year they bought 10.3 BILLION euros’ worth!

U.S. federal judge rejects NYPD settlement over Muslim surveillance

Nate Raymond
2016-10-31 00:00:00


A federal judge has rejected a settlement of lawsuits charging that the New York City police department illegally targeted Muslims for surveillance, saying the deal did not go far enough and provide sufficient protections.

U.S. District Judge Charles Haight in Manhattan in a ruling made public on Monday rejected a deal announced in January in which the New York Police Department would install a civilian representative to help monitor its counterterrorism efforts.

Haight said the civilian representative’s proposed powers « do not furnish sufficient protection from potential violations of the constitutional rights for Muslims and believers in Islam who live, move and have their being in the City. »

He cited an inspector general’s report as indicating the department has a « systemic inclination » to disregard court-approved regulations, called the Handschu guidelines, that limit how it can monitor political and religious activity.
Comment: While it’s nice to see a federal judge rule in this way we’d do well to remember that much larger more pervasive systems of surveillance continue to operate and have little to no chance of being shut down…

‘Stop bombing Syria and Iraq’: Audio of Orlando nightclub shooter’s 911 call released

2016-11-01 15:29:00


Calls to 911 from the man who murdered 49 people at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando this summer have been released. Omar Mateen is heard telling police negotiators that the US must « stop bombing Syria and Iraq. »

Circuit Judge Margaret Schreiber ordered the audio recordings of Omar Mateen’s conversations with police negotiators be released on Monday after Orlando city attorney Darryl Bloodworth announced the city would halt fighting the release. While transcripts of the half-hour-long negotiations have been available since September, the City of Orlando began to slowly release audio as it was legally approved.

There are still 200 recorded 911 calls related to the shooting that have not been released, as they remain under review by Schreiber, Treasure Coast Newspapers reported. State law restricts the release of recordings of a person being killed.
Comment: More on the Mateen 911 calls: Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s 911 call transcript finally released: But timeline doesn’t add up

And more on the shooting:

Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting autopsies: Third of victims shot in head, half had 5 or more wounds
Judge Napolitano: FBI transcript shows nobody died in Orlando shooting until SWAT teams entered the nightclub at 5:13am
FBI radicalized Orlando shooter, not ISIS – informant attempted to entrap him in 2013
CIA says Orlando shooter had no ties to ISIS


DAPL protestor charged with attempted murder of police officer while resisting arrest

2016-11-01 14:37:00


A Colorado woman participating in the Dakota Access pipeline protests in North Dakota is being charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer after allegedly firing three rounds from her gun while resisting arrest.

Red Fawn Fallis, 37, was arrested Thursday at the construction site of an oil pipeline in North Dakota. On Monday, she was officially charged with attempted murder.

According to the affidavit, law enforcement attempted to arrest Fallis while clearing protesters from the construction zone, claiming she was « an instigator and acting disorderly. » She allegedly resisted arrest and managed to get her left hand free to grab a handgun on the left side of her body, MTN News reported.
Comment: Given that police routinely manufacture threats and lie about the circumstances surrounding arrests, it’s questionable whether the protestor was actually intending to shoot the officers. The protests have generally been non-violent until militarized police instigate unrest.

Sign of more to come? Police mark peaceful DAPL protesters with numbers, lock them in dog kennels like ‘concentration camp days’
Militarized cops are using police state checkpoints to arrest DAPL protesters they think « look like » criminals


Sex acts with boys were filmed at Danish asylum center

2016-11-01 15:07:00


Denmark’s Radio 24syv has disclosed harrowing details about the sex assault scandal at an asylum center for troubled children. Sexual acts were captured on video and photographed, and at least three officials reportedly knew for months what was happening.

The station reported that a female employee at the Børnecenter Tullebølle center had oral sex with at least one underage asylum seeker, as well as a full sexual intercourse with another boy. The acts were both photographed and recorded on tape, according to information obtained by the radio station, as cited by the Local.

Radio 24syv also got the police report that the local Langeland Municipality delivered to Funen Police in June. The municipality spoke about their suspicions in the letter, saying they believed a female employee at the center to be having sex with three underage boys.

Police officer terminated after accidentally shooting daughter

2016-11-01 14:55:00


A North Carolina police officer has been terminated after shooting her own daughter. She was showing off her service weapon to guests at her home when the girl was shot in the abdomen.

A Lincoln County sheriff’s deputy is facing a double tragedy after accidentally shooting her daughter with her service firearm while off-duty. Misty Michelle Flowers allegedly had friends to her home Saturday night and was showing her service weapon to them when she accidentall

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