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About DART-Europe

DART-Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortia who are working together to improve global access to European research theses. More…
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Onomastica osorenca. Toponimia preterita i present dels termes municipal i …
The erosional and Cainozoic depositional history of the Lower Orange River, southwestern Africa
The investigation phase in international criminal procedure: in search of common rules
Exploring obesogenic environments: The role of environmental factors for ob…
Cingulum Militare: Studien zum romischen Soldatengurdel des 1. bis 3. Jh. n. Chr.
Talent Management in academia : An exploratory study in Dutch universities …
Convergence and traditions of criminal procedure : fair truth finding and t…
Faith in public debate: an inquiry into the relationship between freedom of…
Clinical implications of the cross-talk between renin-angiotensin-aldostero…
Efeito da assimetria do potencial zeta sobre o comportamento de fluidos vis…

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